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Epoxy Flooring Palos Hills – the smart and only choice

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Flooring is something we come across (and walk across) everyday, but rarely think about. It is simply part of our environment which most of the time we take for granted. But that everyday interaction should remind us that it is important to choose flooring of the highest quality, and the flooring that offers most in the interest of safety.

Epoxy flooring should very easily be the first recommendation for the top surface (coating) of a floor, whether in a commercial environment, such as an office or industrial businesses, or in a domestic  environment. There are several reasons why this is so.

Most importantly, epoxy is resistant and durable. It is the component in any flooring that will make it, more than any other flooring, likely to withstand heavy traffic. Heavy traffic can mean the consistent movement of people and equipment over a floor, or the sheer weight of equipment regardless of how often it crosses the floor. Warehouses and buildings dealing with aircraft, as well as shipping and naval industries, regularly use epoxy. So too do agricultural industries.  In truth then, the use of epoxy is applicable across the various activities of the Palos Hills community.

The reason for epoxy’s durability is its resins. They contain cross-linked molecules which are the result of a unique chemical phenomenon in the reaction between epichlorohydrin organochlorine and bisphenol A, leading to virtually impenetrable conditions in the substance. Beyond durability, this leads to enhanced safety – naturally the most important consideration whether in an industrial or domestic environment. Epoxy is highly heat resistant, and certain epoxy floorings contain compounds which can react to heat, expanding upon contact with high temperatures. This can buy valuable time in an emergency situation concerning fire, in terms of both evacuation and fire fighting.

We hope that the robust sturdiness of epoxy has been made clear, but would like to expand on its virtues and qualities, which go beyond pure toughness.

Epoxy is versatile. It can be used on interior floors of homes, deckings in yards, gardens and patios, and lends itself to social as well as practical environments. It can also be used on many different kinds of surfaces, such as concrete, wood, and even steel. If your flooring is for decorative purposes, epoxy is as useful and valuable to you as it is to heavy industry.

Epoxy has adhesive qualities. It is adhesive to a great number of common materials including, but not limited to, glass, fibres and metal.  Per square inch of floor, epoxy has 1500 pounds of adhesive power.

Lastly, epoxy is ethical. It is friendlier to the environment than other surfaces and surface coatings because it provides a flooring which requires fewer pesticides, and consumes less water. It is a long term investment which once put down requires less maintenance than other less durable alternatives.

Palos Hills is a wonderfully diverse area of Chicago and of Illinois. Epoxy flooring can cope with the comings and goings of a city suburb, being, as it is, wonderfully diverse itself. In flooring and floor coating, there is no equivalent alternative to the epoxy choice.



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