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PHP is a server side scripting language used in developing dynamic web pages. PHP is a widely used language because it is powerful just like Java, C, and Perl and it borrows syntaxes from them also. One good thing with PHP is that visitors cannot view its details in the source file.

PHP is used to create a customized experience for each user on the site. Most of the content management software used today are developed in PHP, for example Drupal and Joomla. PHP is also used hand in hand with MySQL database too. MySQL has endless possibilities, it accepts data from the user, it can search the database for information, and it can be used to log in. all these is made easy with the help of PHP. PHP is also used to resize pictures and edit them, it handles graphics easily.

PHP is not costly to maintain which reduces site management costs and it is easy to service and manage.

How and where to Learn

Learning a new programming language without any prior experience may be hectic. But if you have any basic knowledge of a scripting language such as HTML then PHP will be easier to understand if all step by step procedures are followed.

PHP is a must for everyone who thinks of developing their career in web designing and web development. Learning a programming language and be in it takes a lot of time and practice so one must have patience and vigor to learn more.

There are numerous <a href=””>PHP training institutes in Kolkata</a> that offer professional PHP training. Acesoftech Academy is one of the credible institutes that train individuals in PHP. We make you a PHP guru from scratch.

Why PHP Training?

There are many reasons you should learn PHP but one of the main reasons which you should learn PHP is, its easy to get Job if you have good knowledge of PHP. To get professional <a href=””>PHP Training in Kolkata </a> you need to join any institute where PHP is taught at advance level.

Acesoftech Academy is one of the such <a href=””>PHP training institutes</a> where you can get Advance PHP trainig with live projects. The trainers are 6+ years Php industry experienced who knows how to teach you so that you can your dream job.

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