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Selecting The Right Driving School For San Francisco Driver

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In San Francisco driver education offers classroom training, video watching and practical training behind the wheels to complete the required hours of driver education.

The licensing system for graduated driver in San Francisco California is similar to that in other states. Teens have to undergo theoretical and practical training and practice driving under supervision. This includes 25 hours of training with 10 hours of experience at night time. Driver education system offers both on site and on line for convenience. A survey explored the driving education which revealed that 48% felt the training quality needs to be improved while 20% felt it should be predominantly and more geared towards practical training. About 83% of teen fellow passengers express their fear of fast and dangerous teenage driving.

Driver education and training are offered by private and public schools and licensed driving schools. The DMV is responsible for selecting the curriculum. It is important to have good communication between parents, students and instructors for effective education. To complete driver education the law in the state of California requires that the person complete classroom instruction or net training or home study for 25 hours and 6 hours of training as a driver behind the wheels. For teenagers the state has made a mandatory law for supervised daytime driving for 40 hours and 10 hours of driving at night.

There are certain factors to be considered while selecting a driving school for San Francisco Driver Education. All driver school instructors should be professionals who should emphasize safety and integrity. One should check driving school’s occupational license status and that of the instructor. This can be done by calling DMV (driver motor vehicles). The Better Business Bureau lodges all customer complaints about a driving school. Hence checking their site will help people explore the feasibility of the school. Comparing driver education cost between schools reduces unnecessary high expense. Practical training starts after hours. Hence the student driver should keep emergency contact information. If the instructor is not satisfactory the student may request for instructor change.

Driving school must provide at video watching of at least 100 minutes as a part of driver education. The videos relate to driver education with graphic representation of serious accidents. The reason for such viewing is to impact the teenage drivers who are most distracted while driving. There is no law prohibiting parents from accompanying their teen kids behind the wheel driving sessions but the driving school policy and practice may vary. There are no specific routes for practical driving with no breaks in this session. The specialized automobiles used for such sessions have control systems on passenger seats next to the driver for instructors to control any erratic student driving and are inspected for safety measures annually. In San Francisco the California Education code offers driver education classes for free in high schools to educate students of all economic categories get the right experience for safe driving.

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