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Today’s Best and Most Popular RC Gas and Nitro Powered Vehic

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RC Cars- Gas and Nitro Powered is pleased to provide the best and most popular nitro and gas powered RC cars in the market today on sale. They offer the best brands and model that can now be purchased in a lessened cost to meet the demands of RC cars hobbyists out there. Updated prices are made available so the best sale offers can be made easy. They offer ready to run models so buyers will no longer worry about building a unit from scratch.

So why nitro or gas powered RC cars rather than the electric powered models? Electric powered cars are cheap and can be used indoors but are considered for novice and for kids because they are easier to work with compared to fuel driven models. The nitro and gas powered RC cars are more powerful that has the capacity to reach up to 70+ MPH. They get the job done and provide that kind of fun that most everyone deserves.

At the moment, RC Cars- Gas and Nitro Powered offers items on sale from Traxxas, HPI Racing, Redcat and Team Associated. Note that all these items’ prices are not only slashed a meager amount but up to 40% off. Even the newest models are now available in way cheaper prices.

An example of the new model on sale is the Traxxas 3.3. This is a new model of Traxxas that is larger than other Revos and is 10% larger than the previous models. This Nitro Gas powered RC car has a Ready to Race radio system that can link up with many smartphones. The link application aims to help its operator get the best driving experience from the radio system. The application can be downloaded and synchronized to the Ready to Race radio system where operators can have that greater control over the model. The application also comes with a high graphic interface that enables operators to save settings for their vehicle. This has the capacity to record data for future reference and capture video. From its original price of $1,029.99, this can now be bought for only $564.99.

Another model on the list is the Team Associated Nitro TC3. Having won last 2003’s Radio Control Car Action awards, modifications on Team Associated Nitro TC3 have been made in response to the many customer requests. An engine of .15 size and an optional ‘Sure Shift’ two speed transmission are now in this RC car. These additions enable the vehicle to accelerate more effectively for it to be able to reach the top speed fast. Components of the rear suspension have also been changed so it can cope better when driven on uneven terrains.

The twenty two ball bearings make it more durable even if it is driven for a long time. Its price that used to be $559.99 is now $338.30.

Other models like HPI Racing Nitro RS4 3 Evo and Redcat Rampage XT Gas are also for sale. The HPI Racing Nitro RS4 3 Evo whose price used to be $679.00 is now cheaper at $389.97. The Redcat Rampage XT Gas from $659.99 is now at a lesser price of $606.92

The above mentioned are only very few of the vehicles that RC Cars- Gas and Nitro Powered is offering on sale. There are so much more, especially from the latest models that many have been longing and vying to have.

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