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Things You Should Avoid After Having Abortion

by jonesmichelle08

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It wasn’t the easiest decision you’ve ever made, right? It took you a couple of sleepless nights to really think things through. It was emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting at the same time. It seemed too much to handle, but lo and behold! You were able to make it. Believe me, now that the procedure is over, don’t expect it to be very smooth sailing as if nothing happened. Although it doesn’t happen to everyone woman who undergoes abortion, it’s pretty normal to feel some negative emotions silently pulling you underneath your bubbly disposition. But the thing is you cannot do something to stop it. After you leave your abortion clinic in Virginia, you set yourself out back to the real word to face and handle out-of-this-world-emotions. Even though they seem uncontrollable, you can do something at least to lessen your emotional burden.

Avoid Seeing Babies

Guilt. Blame. Regret. These are the feelings that you need to resist before they end up eating your whole system. Post-abortion isn’t the perfect time for you to be reminded of something that you could have had. Whether abortion was your first, second or third option, it doesn’t change a thing. You can’t go back to the abortion clinic and undo the procedure. That’s not what responsible adults do. Guard your emotions more than ever. You can’t hear the giggling sound of cute babies in the neighborhood. You can’t listen to nursery rhymes shown at a random channel in the television. Such things will only intensify your feelings, and the more intensified they become, the more helpless you will feel.

Avoid Debates

It usually starts with a simple argument about which is a better color: blue or red? Then all of a sudden the conversation heats up now focusing on political issues or morality or religion. You can’t win this! Perhaps all of what you will blabber will only contribute to your defeat. Post-abortion stage makes some women emotional. Chances are you’ll only embarrass yourself by talking about what you feel which often times isn’t logical because of the raging hormones you brought home from the abortion clinic. Or you will fight back through rebutting all of your opponents points without weighing which is right and which is wrong. Avoiding debates is avoiding stress as well. Give yourself a break, will you? Give yourself some peace.

Avoid Nosy Colleagues

Another thing that you need to avoid is the companion of people that do not contribute to your over-all healing process. Yes. You need some time to catch-up with yourself after an emotionally straining phase, to catch-up with family and friends who have never given prejudices. Sorry to say, but there are people who just can’t shut their mouth and keep on asking stupid questions like: How did it feel? Was it painful? How long did it take? Did the doctor immediately allowed you to leave the abortion clinic? Was it expensive? Do you have regrets? Seriously? For crying out loud, some people are just too insensitive to even care about other people’s feelings. Trust me you do not need a lot of people to fully recover. You just need a few ones whom you can spend quality time with.

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