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Samsung laptop power adapter fault detection method

by onlvyy

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Spent a few thousand dollars to buy a laptop adapter, but do not know what is the reason to strike, how to do? Can determine the initial power aspects, by the following method to more accurately determine power where is the problem?

1.Check the power adapter indicator light, For example,Samsung V25 AC adapter, if the indicator light is generally believed that there is no problem from the power supply to the adapter, must ensure that the indicator itself is not bad.

2.Check the power adapter to the computer between the power this notebook indicator shows the power charge to the notebook, the charge indicator lights. Otherwise, not light or find a different brand of power the adapter exchange try.laptop adapter shop use your power adapter hand the other notebook, if the other computer is working, the power adapter no problem. Doing so may your power adapter if the other side of the power adapter plug on your computer, you computer is working with its own power adapter is not working properly, then your power adapter.

3.Indicator changes observed computer. If you plug in the Samsung V25 ac power adapter, you can see the charging indicator light is off, the time has been eternal, it is a problem with the notebook inside the power adapter, and may typically be inside The line is broken, the aging of the circuit board, welding drop. called Weld phenomenon this case only called expert repair.

Cheapbatterystore for example. Normal power adapter indicator light, plug in the power, the computer can also be normal to spend an hour or so, and then will automatically shut down. Observation, found that the light of the power adapter and notebook sometimes fully to electricity, and sometimes can not be recharged, consider two aspects, power adapters, sometimes power, sometimes can not I borrowed a power adapter of the same brand tried it and found the same phenomenon occurs , and my power on the notebook of others also working properly, so that ruled out the samsung v25 laptop ac adapter itself seems to be just the side of the notebook. later found notebook charging lights flash on and off, and sometimes has no flash, resulting in charge on electricity, battery run out, the notebook automatically shut down so that flash on and off the laptop side interface is not good, where there may be disconnected. later sent to Lenovo specialize in the repair shop inspection, is really a laptop power supply interface. Fortunately, the date of manufacture to when I went there a few before to three years, just can enjoy the motherboard a free repair (if the invoice is not the date of manufacture, but according to the date of sale), of course, manufacturers just for a motherboard, will not be repaired. ha ha. has a new motherboard.

These are just my experience summarized want to leave a mark for himself, but also for the vast number of friends to learn the message includes two aspects: the notebook power diagnostic methods and understanding whether the invoice enjoy free maintenance. Error please forgive me.

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