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Grace your home with French Antique Furniture

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Unlike the modern furniture found in many homes today, antique furniture is unique in style, brings a traditional look to your home and also come in a variety of styles. It also makes the  best impression on your neighbors and  guests with their designs. To decorate your home with old fashioned furniture, you have to research, analyze and then purchase.

People are still fond of antiques despite a plethora of modern furniture available in showrooms, because it has retained the conventional craftsmanship.  Furniture that is more than 100 years old is considered as antique furniture. Many different styles, designs, woods used in making.  In order to adorn  your house with antiques, you have to understand their characteristics and types.

There are many different types of styles, designs, and historical periods and before you purchase one for your home you need to know what exactly you are looking for. If you have acquired good knowledge about historic furnishings, you are most likely to find good deals that are perfect for you. Some of the styles of old-fashioned furniture are English, American, Oriental and Continental and French furniture. German  and  French antiques styles come under the Continental type.

After you have researched different periods and styles of furniture that available and come to a conclusion which style is perfect for you, then you need to concentrate on the type of wood that is made of. It may be walnut, mahogany, pine or oak the type of wood it made from plays a vital role in deciding the value of the piece. The harder and rarer the wood is the higher quality and more valuable the piece is. Naturally, most people don’t purchase antique furniture  for the reason that it is difficult to determine the value and shop. To find genuine antiques which are of very high quality, you need to approach dealers. With advancement in technology internet makes easier to find and purchase antiques online. Even at the local antique furniture store also you can find high quality historic furniture.

If you are going to a local store for purchasing make sure that the seller is trustworthy. If the retailer is providing any documentation about the authenticity then it is a sign of reputability. Check the finish of the pieces that you have selected. If oil is coming out of it when rub your hand with the furniture, then it clearly indicates that they have used lemon oil to polish the piece. Lemon oil is harmful as it dries out wood, darkens and finally decreases the overall value of the furniture. Always make sure that only pure beeswax is used to polish an old fashioned furniture.

Most people prefer antique and vintage furniture not just for aesthetic pleasure, but they are also made before the industrial revolution and most furniture were made by hand. These handcrafted furniture is well known for their outstanding work and style which is not found in modern furnishing.  It is because of this high quality handcrafted, antiques are unique and also no two items look alike. Also these  old fashioned furnishings are made of high quality wood they are more durable than contemporary pieces and last much longer. No matter what piece or type of furniture you have selected to purchase and beautify your house, antique enhance the style and décor of your home.

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