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Sing to Me the Story

by brownalice101

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Do you know that there is an actual list of abortion songs in Wikipedia? Yea. You can go check it out if you want to. Type those words in Google search (or Yahoo search or Bing or wherever in the Internet) and you will see that Wikipedia post. I tell you. There are dozens of abortion song I did not even know existed. They are even categorized in alphabetical order--letters A through Y! The only letters missing are Q, V, X, and Z. maybe you can be so kind as to provide a song for the four remaining letters. I tell you. These songs can fill the abortion clinics in Norfolk. How can there be so much songs about a single issue?

But then again. Love is just a sing issue as well. And can you count all the songs ever composed about love? I dare not do it. It will probably take me days--even with the help of the Internet. It is not only songs, you know. Poetry, stories, novels. Thousands and thousands of words spent on a single topic. Well, that is love for you. But what about abortion? It is not entirely sweet like love. But love has a lot of faces. It is not only sweet. It can be bitter. It can be sour. It can be tacky. Remember when I exampled those songs about abortion filling up the abortion clinics in Norfolk? Well, songs and stories about love can fill up more.

What makes them interesting? What is so catchy about certain issues that artists (visual, lyric, and, musical) just can’t get enough of them? They just have to go on and compose music, write stories--tell tales that inspire, provoke, torment. Almost always, artists have to touch the emotions of their recipients. They can’t do that if they choose to tackle the mundane. Love can bring out happiness and sadness, pain and comfort. And abortion--well, abortion can be a very complex issue. Put the issue of abortion in the hands of an artist, and you will find emotions and realization you never thought you’d feel in this particular context. An artist will frequent the abortion clinics in Norfolk just get the right story or the right angle.

Actually, when they fail to get their stories, they do not stop with the abortion clinics in Norfolk. They will travel the world if they have to. This is why issues such as abortion cannot be left behind. They provoke something inside of us that makes us want to act--makes us want to create and reflect the emotions these issues make us feel. That is what makes them different from topics like Barbie accessories and someone else’s two front teeth. Actually, there’s a cong about the latter, but that is beyond the point. You can make a hundred stories about them and still lack that ingredient that brings the receiver that pang of emotion. What kind of emotion? Guilt? Pain? Longing? Sadness? It does not matter. We know them when we feel them.

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