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Useful Rules for Purchasing Raleigh Roofing Shingles

by antoniajohnston

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Raleigh, the state capital and most populous city of North Carolina, suffer from equally extreme summers and winters. Residential households in this city, as in surrounding cities and states are often besieged by these weather changes and extremes of seasons. For most houses here, hence, the challenge is in picking the materials that can sustain the least amount of damage. Where roofing of Raleigh houses is concerned, homeowners need to keep in mind that the selection between light and dark shingles is essential for these following reasons:

Heat and Insulation

Dark colored roofing types are typically more likely to soak up and preserve heat than lighter ones of the same kind. Thus they are best employed throughout the winter where heat is absorbed by the material. Lighter colored roofs, on the other hand, are reflective, which means it mirrors the heat back to the atmosphere, making this material helpful in the summer season where the outdoor heat is kept from penetrating indoors.

Visual appeals

Consider darker-colored roof if your home's architecture features a high sloping roof. This makes the slope appear as though it belongs to the external wall of an upper room, whether there's a dormer up there or not. Additionally, you also need to consider the color of your siding or house exterior and make certain to suit it to your roof color to enable the entire structure look all of a piece, instead of the parts calling attention to themselves.


Usually, dark colored shingles can take in more solar energy in contrast to the light colored ones. This lead to the former solidifying quicker than the latter, just like putting it in a slow-heating oven. This commonly triggers dark shingles to become weak and develop cracks rather easily. Either you go with light colored roofing, or you offer adequate ventilation that keeps the shingles from overheating.

Choosing either for light or dark colored roofing ought to be a choice produced practical reasons past appearance. The right selection can spell the difference between substantial energy savings and a headache from paying high energy expenses. Environment conditions, your geographic location, and your house's energy needs can all impact your option of roofing in Greensboro, Raleigh, or wherever you could be.

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