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Who Need NASA When You Have These Gadgets!

by dennisjones

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Technology has taken a step ahead in gadgets and now things that were thought as impossible by many are very much within our command. The concept of ‘’Big brother is watching” was first introduced for the act of spying. According to a recent report published by the US programs there is a check that is kept on the internet activity of the individuals.

But the question that arises here is that it is the government agencies only keeping a tap on the personal activities performed by you through internet? Well no, there are other agents as well such as advertisers, scammers etc. These agents have all tools that are put this purpose of spying. Tools that you might not be even aware of or tools that to you might be just a source of entertainment but to them they are used for a greater purpose.

These tools include from TV in your bedroom to the iPhone in your pocket; all this can be used for spying on you. Smart phones; we all are aware that they very beautifully justify their name and they are really smart. But then have it ever occurred to you that how smart are they? Are they smart enough to help you in toughest of situations? Is the application development whether in iPhone or <a href="">iPad application development</a> has come up with applications that are really handy and has made the way of life simple?

The answer to many of the questions asked above is yes but like any other thing smart phones have their disadvantages too; Like they can also be used to keep an eye on you, to keep a close watch on your every move and to your every word spoken. There are many features in smart phones that can be used for this purpose such as microphones, GPS receivers, accelerometers and Wi-Fi antennas etc.

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