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What do children learn from fundraising for school?

by anonymous

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Schools raise money through fundraisers to help them finance extracurricular activities like sports, music, drama, and many others, for which enough money is not provided by the government. Children are involved in many of the fundraisers commonly undertaken by schools. It is well accepted that children should participate in fundraising exercisesand teachers should encourage them to do so. Teachers often see the participation by children in fundraising for school in terms of the contribution children make to the fundraiser but they overlook the benefits that children enjoy from being part of a fundraiser for school. Children learn a lot of valuable life lessons by taking part in fundraising activities. Some of these lessons cannot be taught in the classroom or by parents who are always busy with their careers.


Taking part in a fundraiser for school teaches children vital lessons about money. Parents who are engrossed in their own careers seldom have the time to speak to their kids about money yet money is a subject that children should learn about right from when they are young. Many teens and young adults suffer because they cannot properly manage their money - the failure to acquire financial literacy when they were young is often the source of these troubles. Our schools curricular don't teach much about money and so children leave school with little practical knowledge on the subject of money. Most people learn about money by trial and error and will have made terrible mistakes by the time they achieve financial mastery. Teachers can therefore take advantage of fundraisers to teach their students some important lessons about money.


Children learn about financial planning and goal-setting by taking part in a fundraiser, that is if they are involved in the planning stages of fundraisers. Children will learn that money is scarce and that is why they need to have a fundraiser for school. Since money is a precious resource they will learn how to put it to good use by having clear priorities and budgeting for the money. Children also learn to value money. Many people have problems with money because as kids they were never taught how to prioritize their needs and budget for the money available.


Children learn various ways of making money when fundraising for school. They learn about profit, for example. If the fundraiserinvolves selling things to people then children will learn that profit can be made by selling goods at a higher price than the cost they were bought for. They can later use the same skills to run their own small businesses. Children also learn interpersonal skills. Often, they will be required to interact with each other and the adults in the community. By being part of the fundraising group they will have an opportunity to hone their interpersonal and communication skills. Some schools allow older children to go door to door with merchandise or at least sell to their family and friends. This method offundraising will help to inculcate self-confidence in the children while preparing some to be future salesmen.


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