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Durban Bikes Partners with Centric Industries to Bring Its P

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1888 PressRelease - Partnership Will Focus on Ecommerce and Developing a Dealer Presence for Unique Folding Bikes.


Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA - Today, Durban Bikes, a global brand focused on the development of bicycles, announced plans to partner with Centric Industries Inc. The partnership brings together expert bicycle and brand developer Leonardo Mello with brand-builder and longtime retail strategist David White.


"We reached out to David's organization earlier this year for support in entering the U.S. market," said Marie-Léa Vincent, global sales and marketing manager, Durban Bikes. "Our bikes have done well internationally, but bringing our premium brand of folding bikes to the U.S. market stands as our #1 goal. David and his team so impressed us with their experience and track record for success that we felt we needed to work together. Before long, we realized that our partnership could grow even more quickly than originally thought and extend well beyond brand building and crafting go-to-market strategies as Centric will also be handling the distribution entity. We're pleased to name Centric as our exclusive U.S. distributor."


Durban bikes are the ideal solution for those who want to take their bike with them on the go. Because the bikes fold to fit in the trunk of a car and can be easily carried on public transportation, they may be used anytime the rider wishes or needs to ride. They are conveniently available whenever a rider would like to work out during a lunch break or can't find a parking space close to his or her destination. Lightweight and easy to ride and to fold, Durban bikes come in a variety of models and colors.


"We're thrilled to have the opportunity to bring such an iconic global brand as Durban to the U.S. market," said White. "This brand, company and product offering fit perfectly with brands I've worked with in the past, such as Belkin, Apple, Disney and Sony. These brands, like Durban, are lifestyle brands, so much more than amazing products. They enhance your lifestyle. With Durban, we will first launch these amazing bikes, but not far behind you can expect to see an eco-system of fashion, function, and safety-minded accessories consistent with the Durban brand. It will be a total solution for one of the fastest growing and socially responsible categories today."


To buy Durban Bikes in the U.S. through Centric, visit

Centric will work with Durban to partner with factories and agencies, with attention to design, development and differentiation. Centric will also focus on ecommerce and developing a dealer presence.


About Durban

Durban is a global brand focused on the development of bicycles. We believe our product is perfectly suited for your daily commuting needs in the urban jungle because it gathers together simplicity, practicality and style in a unique product. A very useful - colorful - cool type of transportation that won't get you stuck. Forget about the traffic jam and life's complications; keep it simple and get it on! Join us in our movement cycle. That's how we move. That's Durban.


About David L. White and Centric Industries, Inc.

During a professional career of more than 20 years, David L. White has become a highly versatile and sought-after consumer products brand strategist, focusing on retail and ecommerce. After many years with Belkin International, Actuant, Rainbird and The Flecto Co., he founded Centric Industries Inc. in 2009. It has developed value-added partnerships with a number of retailers, manufacturers and investment firms. This value is primarily derived from the development of consumer products and placement but also includes strategic development for its partners. In 2011, the company became part of DaLor Investment Group and operates today as the consulting/retail advisory arm of that group.

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