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Choose the Best Wedding Dress Designers

by robertwilson

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Scenery to be Seen

For most brides, the sights and sounds of their wedding day will be ones they’ll remember for a lifetime, and getting to take in beautiful scenery can be a major advantage to choosing a unique location. A breathtaking view can create an ambiance that no amount of carefully-orchestrated table settings or up lighting can. For Amber Hahn, that’s what many of the brides she works with come to her for. "Wedding couples are drawn to the Desert Botanical Garden’s unique desert landscape," she says. "Brides are completely surrounded by majestic cactus and vibrant desert plants with a stunning Arizona sunset as their background." Other Arizona brides want to feel like they’re on top of the world - like the brides Peggy Traister of Rustler’s Rooste works with.

"Nestled between the foothills of South Mountain and the stars above, we offer the ambiance of a spectacular mountaintop setting," she says. "City lights and star-lit nights are all part of the wedding and ceremony package at Rustler’s Rooste." True, in our region you can find almost any style of scenery that suits your fancy. And in many cases, the right setting can balance a beautifully-orchestrated, but trendy theme, with the stability of class. Teagan Mercer of Stonebridge Manor says that’s one of the many things her venue offers. "Stonebridge Manor is an upscale estate location that is filled with old world charm that is unique to Arizona," she says, adding that class "doesn’t fade with new coming trends." We tend to agree. If you’re expecting many out-of-town guests, choosing a location that showcases local scenery can give you the opportunity to share a glimpse of what you love about your home, with your guests.

If the Room Fits Choose.. Designer Wedding Dresses

Designer Wedding Dresses When it comes to establishing a theme, it’s easy to first consider color palette, stationery, and décor. But with the right location, indoors or out, all of those elements can play supporting roles to a theme that’s already beautifully and clearly established.

If you’re having a rustic theme, why force corresponding colors, bird elements, and mason jars into a ballroom, when you can simplify the process with your favorite colors, beautiful florals, and wine glasses in an old barn? Allowing a unique venue to speak for itself and set the tone, can make for a much more successful and cohesive atmosphere. "Many brides don’t want to spend a fortune to turn a generic space into something unique," says Riette Bartlet, of Downtown Phoenix Venues. "They want a space with character that they can build their vision in or around." Often, like stellar scenery, the vibe that a venue alone can emit, can stand in place of the décor it would take to transform a plainer space, and therefore, can save couples significant money. Likewise, a well-chosen venue can offer couples inspiration that they might otherwise not discover. "At the Desert Botanical Garden, brides are usually inspired by plant life," says Hahn, "They’ll add succulents into their floral pieces, prickly pear margaritas for signature cocktails and the use of small cacti and succulents for one-of-a-kind wedding favors." By going off the beaten path and staying true to a choice location, wedding planning choices may unfold naturally. Standing Apart When looking to distinguish their wedding from the others in the area, or of the time, brides can refer to any number of options - color, florals, music, and personalized elements, but in many cases, a well-chosen venue can offer the strongest impact.

By selecting a unique one, brides can select the rest of the details to their liking, without concern for what other couples are doing. "I get requests all the time of brides looking for anything but a ballroom," says Bartlett. "Something different from all the golf course and resort or country club weddings. They truly want to show their individuality to their guests. Essentially they just want something different." "Couples are drawn to the idea of a wedding at a museum when they are looking for that unique event you can’t get in your average banquet room," adds Julie Sullivan of Heard Museum. "They want something that speaks to their own individual style, and they want their guests to have a real stand-out experience." If you look in the right place, you can find a venue to match your personality - and that will make it a lot easier to personalize the space. Making it Your Own "These days it’s all about adding your own personal touches to your event," says Rachel Pliess of Villa Tuscana Reception Hall. "Pinterest is at the height of its popularity and brides are going crazy for it. Even grooms have their own "wedding boards."

Pliess says that one of the things she finds brides appreciating about their venue is the fact that it’s easy to personalize. "Brides and grooms are looking for a venue that allows them to use their own décor as well as décor from the venue." Applying your personality through theme and décor is a great way to make the day more meaningful. Selecting the most complementary venue is key. So if you and your fiancé are into history, consider a property rich in it. If you, or he, work as an architect, find a venue with jaw-dropping architecture. If you’re looking for a Gatsbyesque theme, find a venue established in the 1920s, that still looks as so. If photography is your hobby, consider a converted art studio, like one of the Downtown Phoenix Venues. And if you and your husband-to-be shared a summer abroad in Spain or Italy, consider a location with reminiscent architecture. Villa Siena, for example, is reminiscent of countryside Villas in the heart of Tuscany. "The owners visited Tuscany several times," says Sabrina Porter of Villa Siena, "to research the architecture and collect antiques to be used here."

That kind of attention to detail abounds in wedding venues in our region, where all of those options are available, a bride’s personal influence is appreciated, and individuality is valued. In fact, if you are renaissance fans, you can be toasted at the Joust by the King and Queen at Arizona Renaissance Festival, if you’d like. And if you and your husband-to-be are Irish, celebrate your heritage and your wedding day by renting the space at the Irish Cultural Center. Almost any kind venue you can imagine, can be converted into a usable space, and as a result, almost any aspect of your lives can be incorporated into your wedding day. "Our couples use their imagination," says Traister, "to create the wedding of their dreams and find unique ways to reflect their own personality." Selecting your venue is one of the first items on an engaged couple’s to-do list, because booking practices make it important to secure dates far in advance - but what many couples don’t realize right away, is how many other decisions are influenced by that first major decision. Shop carefully, choose wisely, and consider an off-the-beaten-path location, where you can host a wedding that shines with your personality, carries your thoughtful theme, and inspires you - all while playing home to the day of your dreams.

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