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Basic Info on Home Based Jewelry Parties

by paigelow

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Throwing jewelry celebrations can be an an outstanding activity that promotes social communications and flares up interest for jewelry. You can have such a party in almost any place, but having it at home allows you to furnish it that required zest and personal touch. Moreover, if you are a direct seller of a particular line, what better method to sell to your buddies than through a celebration? If you wish to get on the party bandwagon, below are some ideas for great home based jewelry parties to explore.


Crafts have constantly brought individuals together. Invite your pals over and provide them with a broad selection of cords, beads, crystals and other materials that they can turn into their very own works of art. You can even turn it into a contest; select from amongst yourselves those who will be doing lockets, bracelets and various other pieces and assemble them together. Be ready to provide nice benefits for those who can make the very best pieces in their classification.

Treasure Hunts

Who claimed treasure hunting is only for kids during Easter? Choose pieces you can hide inside your home or in the yard, and write clues about where each is concealed. Ask each one to select hints from a bowl; the first one to find the precious jewelry succeeds.

Company Party

Even if you wish to get simple about selling your jewelry to your buddies, you can still make it fun! Prepare a Powerpoint presentation or even brief videos about each piece with some essential info about them. You can even add trivia to make it more intriguing. Prepare some popcorn and beverages and, voila, you have a mini-movie marketing party.

Memory Games

This is an enjoyable means to market your products also if you happen to be marketing jewelry from direct sales companies. Place all your pieces in a sealed tray or table facing your visitors. Open the cover, have them watch the set for a couple of seconds, then have them note down as many baubles as they can keep in mind.

Jewelry parties are amusing methods to bond with your friends and to create sales while doing so. Many people consider this kind of marketing to be extremely efficient and does not turn off prospective purchasers. For further jewelry party ideas, browse through

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