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Why Investment in Residential Apartments in Noida

by anonymous

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Indian Real Estate Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors at global level which is attracting major investment junks these days. In 2006, the Real estate market of entire India accounted for just $16 Billion but in 2010 it deciphered for $60 Billion. This shows the market grew 4 times stronger just in four year term. The growth of this industry basically depends on the strong economic containment which includes a high standard of living, more income as a result more investment.

Northern India, especially the Delhi NCR shows impactful growth on Real estate Industry, making it boom in larger and bigger manner. Especially Noida and Gurgaon emerged as a growth engine for realty investment as the lands felt barren and the Builders acquired the spaces for supplying infrastructure to large MNCs and corporate houses. This is how Industrial hubs were formed in Delhi. Since the employees working here required spaces for housing purpose, residential infrastructure also got its roots there. Currently there are bulk of residential apartments in Noida offered at very easy prices just to suit the requirements and needs of the buyers and investors out of which maximum are working in leading MNCs.

People are striving more and more for real estate investment, the straight reason behind this is the fact that it strives to fetch you more what you have invested in here. Like if you invested in 2 BHK in Noida. If its under construction, it will get you assured return and if it’s ready to move then you can offer it for rental. On one side where you can earn from the rental income, on the other the value of the property is also appreciating at high scale. In fact investment in real estate involves no labour or risk hence it is the most lucrative version for getting higher returns. The other trend which is currently under preview is investing in Future projects. This means investment in properties which are currently under development. Such projects are quite good for investment as they offer you return on your money and are usually very cheap. You can also earn from the appreciation value of the same. On current day, value of 3 BHK flats in Noida ranges from Rs. 30 lacs – Rs. 50 lacs but once it gets ready for possession. It can fetch you approx. Rs. 70 lacs – Rs. 80 lacs. Easily. So if you are thinking investment, no doubt real estate sector is the most fruitful out of all.

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