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Experience at Training by Aid India - Eureka Super Kids

by anonymous

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Last 3 days I went to Coimbatore for a training conducted by Aid India - Eureka Super Kids... The directors and co-ordinators are several IITians and BITSians who quit their corporate careers to do this... To know more please go through the following link:

Im not able to type further... Im not sure how I can put my experience in words... I wish you all had been there to experience it... All my happiness about living a life I wanted came to a halt... I realised more than ever how gifted I am really... Yet... Lots to tell, and let me first tell what sort of people I met there... Not even one of them who came to attend the training, from the villages and the NGOs would be earing a decent salary in our language and not living a standard life according to our terms... But the fact is I felt ashamed in front of them... I have everything and yet I was contemplating how Im going to make sure I spend one day in a month for the purpose I've decided to work on... But these people have dedicated their life for the upliftment of the society... The big heart they have made me feel very small... I was under the impression that since Im working with children and helping them come out of their issues I've been doing something meaningful... Only now did I realize that I've just been icing the cake... And there are jobs to be done more meaningful where the wheat for the bread has not even been sowed yet...

In Tamil Nadu, while 99.5% children in the age-group 6-10 go to school, more than 50% cannot read a simple story or subtract 2-digit numbers... This is really something to be concerned about... Its not just about not knowing to read or do maths... Just go back and remember the days when we were not able to understand clearly certain things we were studying, the frustration we went through... Just because we could not understand few things we felt we are not good enough... We grew up with a feeling of not having done our job completely as a student... That is what intervenes our life as well, whether be it in our job or anything else... Its because of the pattern we have created in our mind about ourself during our school days we are not able to completely be ourselves with our complete potential... "The feeling of not being good enough"... Today when I work with children, even the most brilliant and the most talented feel the same... With the exposure and providence they have, if they are under that impression and creating a stressful life for themselves, imagine how it be for the children studying in the govt. schools and not even knowing the basics until very later...

What sort of a society are we creating??? People who do not feel good about themselves, feeling insecure, stressed and want to be an outcast just beacuse they are not able to fit in... When the society is full of people like that how do you think we can avoid the current situation in our country??? Wherever we turn we hear about anti-human activities happening in multitudes... How else would they know to behave like??? Because all they think about themseves is negative... Once I met a bunch of very young guys who were sitting on the walls on the roadside and asked what they do... They blatantly said they were rowdies and would do anything for money... I asked them what was the reason they were not able to get a good job and they said they have not been to school properly and so not educated and so no good jobs... When I asked them the reason for not going to school, they said their teachers thought they were not fit for education because they were not able to understand many things and so they believed in it and dropped out of schools or were not interested in studying... And finally they have ended up being anti-social elements... When I met them a week later one was missing and when I enquired about him they said he was shot in a fight between two gangs... I did not even know how to respond because not even one of them was sorry for what happened... Life has become so worthless...

One thing I knew that day, its so essential for the children to be in schools if not able to create Einsteins and Bill Gates, atleast to prevent them from meeting ends like that... And in schools if they are not educated in a thorough and holistic way they come out and create a society not fit for living safely... I decided that its only through education can I help create a society of people living in awareness of who they are... And my search of how to do it started through being a trainer and now reached the most momentous moment... Im definitely going to spend atleast one day in a month in the villages and help create a model of excellence... Not just talk about what can happen to change the situations around me but really do something about it... Im in the right place and with the right people to help me do what I want in the long run for myself... Now I feel satisfied along with being happy... My life is now inspiring for myself along with being meaningful :)

I'll keep you all posted on whats happening.

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