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High Bay Lighting is a Wise Choice for Industrial or Office

by switchlighting

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Energy efficient lighting is required for all types of industrial lighting, from roadways to parking structures, to office buildings, gymnasiums, sports arenas and warehouses.  Lighting options today allow you to save up to 85% in lighting energy costs and carbon emissions, while reducing maintenance costs up to 90%.



For example, high bay lightingcan provide low glare and visual comfort for industrial and commercial buildings.  These lights also provide maximum efficiency with their long lamp life, and are designed to operate at low temperatures for optimum working conditions. Mounting options are fixture dependent.



How much high bay lighting would you need when lighting a shop, warehouse or any other type of building?  Most lighting suppliers will provide a free site consultation, and some will offer a light calculator which measures the square footage and desired wattage, then calculate a recommended number of lights.



For any kind of industrial lighting it is important to consider many factors.  Because of a wide variety of operations, there are many elements at work that affect the amount of light reaching a surface, and the working environment as a whole.  Quality, low glare lighting is important when covering a large area.



When looking at various suppliers of industrial lighting, ensure their products meet all international code requirements.  Suppliers should be able to deliver advanced technology options, offer expert support, have flexibility, and be able to offer proven solutions for superior and cost-effective illumination.



When it comes to office lighting, it is important to boost the environment while making the office more lively and engaging.  When you choose the kind of lighting that brings dramatic reductions in energy consumption, such as LED lighting, it can contribute to reducing the overall costs of the company as well.



Office lighting can influence people’s energy levels and performance, enhance our sense of well-being and just change the way we feel.  There is no doubt the right lighting can lead to a happier, healthier workplace.  Enhanced lighting can also create inspiring and welcoming environments to increase productivity.



You can reduce your company’s carbon footprint by choosing appropriate office lighting that is energy efficient and virtually maintenance free.   This can enhance your sustainability credentials and well as help the environment.  Reducing maintenance costs and energy use saves money and makes great business sense.

Often lighting upgrades are required in warehouses or other large areas of business to keep up with safety and environmental standards, or to just provide better light.  Industrial lighting should be a well-researched choice. 






About Us:  The choice of lighting for your business is a big decision.  We all want to reduce our lighting costs and carbon emissions, and light technology today allows us to do so.  If you are looking for the latest innovations and highest performing LED technology available in the UK, visit us at to view our product range of LED lights.  We will come and do a site survey and provide you with a lighting audit to help you find the best lighting solution.

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