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Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Gulangyu

by anonymous

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Gulangyu Islet, to the southwest of Xiamen Island, covers an area of 1.87 square kilometers. Its rugged rocks, winding seacoast, undulating green hills and unique workings of Mother Nature create the beautiful and intriguing scenery. The islet’s major scenic spots of Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, and Haoyue Park are the most prominent tourist attractions.

For its scenic beauty,Gulangyu is famed as Garden on the Sea;for its numerous colonial architectures, Gulangyu is renown as International Architecture Museum;for it has the highest per-capita concentration of pianos in China, Gulangyu earns a nickname of Piano Island.

Here the editor list top 10 romantic things included in your top China tours to do in this charming islet——Gulangy

One: Buy a Hand-drawn Map of Gulangyu

The first thing you must do in Gulangyu is buying an interesting hand-drawn map, which is more detailed and meaningful, especially for people who travels alone.

Buying a hand-drawn map is the begin of your perfect solo quiet time. Following the map to wander around the old islet into old lanes and villas is such an enjoyment that heaven can not compare.

Two: Spent One Night in a Distinctive GuestHouse

The GuestHouses in Gulangyu are quite distinctive with there own styles. If you want to feel the amorous and romantic Gulangyu, there are no better choice than live in a distinctive guestHouse.

An opening person as you are, you may acquaint with some intereting travelers who are glad to share there colorful experience of China travel with you.

Three: Find a Lovely Store to Shop

All kinds of shops on Gulangyu Islet island is a major feature of the absolute, the shops have also become one of the indispensable item.The milky tea store, grocery store, bakery, dessert shop, house and so on, that is what you love most, have family to go around,christian louboutin sale, before making a decision.

Four: Send a Memorial Postcard

Send a beautiful postcard if you love Gulangyu Islet, put this love to share with my friends, send a postcard with a salty flavour, write only belongs to Gulangyu Islet.

Have to say, Gulangyu Islet is probably the most beautiful postcards of the distribution of the.Here,louboutin pas cher, all kinds of art, petty, fresh, personalized postcards is popular, almost made me see things in a blur,louboutin, bought a big bag, finally some even reluctant to send,christian louboutin sale, all "hit" in the hands of.

Mail a postcard form has also been brought to the extreme, a slow delivery, have from time to time to send, and ordinary mail, can establish a postcard sent a model!

Five: Listening to a Free Concert

Listening to a free concert in Gulangyu Islet (an optional attraction for your China vacation deals) early because the church, church schools,christian louboutin pas cher, the church hospital more, so here's a piano learner congregation, organ, piano is the large scale introduction of, to the early nineteen fifties, the island piano reached more than 500 frame, thus the culture of many pianists, musician.

The Gulangyu Islet also has the "island" in the world.Today, music has always played an important role in Gulangyu Islet, here in addition to listen to the waves strike the table, the music is not to be missed. In the Gulangyu Islet concert hall, almost every day free concerts and performances,christian louboutin outlet, can advance the performance tables concern.In the beautiful island, a concert to listen to the islands, the pulse, and what is more agreeable. Moreover, the concert is free.

Six: Taste the Mouth-watering Snacks

Don't stop mouth food snack food and snacks to Gulangyu Islet,christian louboutin outlet, including me, everyone hooked.The food here in addition to local characteristics, there are many exotic, such as pizza, mango yogurt, three mad tea.

Gulangyu Islet's most classic local specialties have fish, its color, noodles with satay sauce, oyster, pie, meat, dried meat floss.These shops are mostly concentrated in the leading Road, other places have distribution, if not in a hurry, you can slowly find.

Seven: Enjoy the Coastal Time

If you don`t spent a nice day in by the coast on this romantic islet, your jounery of popular China tours will sure to be left with pity. It is really cozy to lay on the beach feeling the sea breeze and sunshine on your body.

Eight: Visit a Celebrity`s Old House

Gulangyu became a foreign concession in 1902, and European, American and Japanese merchants, tempted by the isolation from the mainland, took up residence here. They established consulates, built churches and hospitals, and constructed imposing colonial style mansions. The island’s architecture has retained its blend of Western and Asian styles, dating from the 1840s to 1930s, as many of these buildings still stand today.

On this small island of only 1.75 square kilometres,there are as many as 392 protected architectures with historical cultural features! And most of the architectures on Gulangyu have experienced complicated history.

Nine: Seek for Your Favorite Lane

Though the islet is quite small, it has more than 300 lanes and over 1000 crossroads. Surprise maybe jump out when you turn a corner and romance maybe happen when you pass somone.

Many distinctive stores scattering among the old lanes and wander around them will sure bring you pleasant memory.

Ten:Come across a Free Cat

Gulangyu is nicknamed Cat Islet by many animal lovers. Be rich in a plenty of cats has become one big character of Gulangyu, moreover, most of the cats are quite unique. Some cats have even become "celebrities",such as Zhang Sanfeng, baby cat, Norah,Piano,etc.

Gulangyu depends on local China tourism to develop.

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