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A Colourful World: Staining or Pain3ng Your Concrete

by liyo89

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Life has many difficult decisions: which job to take, where to live, which grandparents to send the kids to for the weekend.


The most important decision you may ever make, however, is whether to paint or stain your concrete.


Okay. So it might not bet he most important decision, but it can be one that can protect your concrete investment and enhance the value of your home or business.


Concrete is designed to last for years. In most cases, it is designed only to be pracCcal, not preDy. There is something that you can do about that plain, ugly grey colour though.


Painted Concrete

For bold colour, painting the concrete can be just the right thing. Applying a layer of paint can be simple and quick. Concrete paint should usually be applied by a professional, since it will involve prepping the surface, applying an even layer and making sure that it dries completely before using.


The Pros

Painting concrete can be much less expensive.


It is simpleand can usually be maintained by the homeowner.


The Cons

Pain can often begin to bubble and peel before the homeowner can take the time to maintain it.


Colour can fade and wear out.


A Solution

Apply an epoxy coating instead of paint. Epoxy Flooring Canada is a hard coating that can be coloured and will protect the concrete. Because the epoxy is coloured and designed to last for years, epoxy can be excellent solution to that plain grey concrete problem.


Concrete epoxy should be applied by a professional to ensure that the application is complete and applied evenly. While an epoxy coating will likely cost more, it will also last longer and can protect the concrete from normal wear and tear.


Staining Concrete

Applying a stain coating to a concrete surface can last longer than painting. Because the stain soaks into the concrete, it will survive thewear and tear that paint cannot survive. There are larger number of colours available.


The Pros

Long lasting colour can give years of pleasure.


The process is proven and has been done for years


Because the colour is in the concrete, there is no chance of bubbling or chipping.


The Cons

Colour can fade with elements and time.


Stain can be very difficult to get even.


The Solution

Hiring a professional concrete coating company can save a lot of concern and worry. Because the stain is permanent. Beingsure to apply the stain evenly needs to be done carefully and professionally.


After staining, an epoxy coating or Epoxy Flooring Edmonton can still be applied over the top to further protect the concern fromwear and tear.


If you find that you are bored with your dull grey concrete, add some colour and flash. Stain, paint or apply a coloured epoxy coating to it and enjoy the beautiful change.


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