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Orthopedic shoe lifts lightweight and flexible

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Orthopedic shoe lifts are worn by people all over the world to compensate for a leg length difference. At first the proposition may seem embarrassing and uncomfortable. However new technology and skilled craftsman can alleviate these concerns. The old technology and techniques of the 20th century would make orthopedic shoe lifts hard, stiff, and heavy. They used to be very noticeable and simply slapped on the bottom of shoe sole making it very uncomfortable to walk in. New technology and innovation by a select few craftsmen is changing the way orthopedic shoe lifts are used by people all over the world. The technique of "honeycombing" shoe lifts involves splitting the sole of the shoe with a precise cut from heel to toe so the shoe lift can be inserted into the middle of the sole allowing for comfortable walking when the original sole is fastened back on to the bottom of the shoe. However before the cloud crepe material is inserted into the shoe the craftsman will drill holes in precise locations throughout the lift. This technique decreases the weight of the shoe lift by up to 50% and increases the flexibility of the shoe dramatically. Orthopedic shoe lifts come in many colors to match the array of footwear styles and designs so that they blend in well with the rest of the shoe. By dyeing the lift material properly to match the rest of the shoe, the person wearing the shoe can feel good about wearing the lift without being noticed by others and even more importantly because of the honeycombing they will physically notice it far less and walk more naturally. Orthopedic shoe lifts are an inexpensive way to compensate for leg length inequalities when compared to the costs of leg lengthening surgeries and therapies. It is highly recommended to honeycomb a shoe lift to decrease the weight and add flexibility on any shoe lift size over one half inch.

Ilya Romanov is the President of American Heelers Orthopedics and an expert on shoe lift modifications and leg length inequalities. Ilya started the company in 2006 in Cleveland, OH.

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