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The magic of OOH Advertising

by Oohadspecialist

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Of late, OOH Advertising practices are topping the chart amongst the top mediums of brand promotion. Brand owners of all ranges are adopting outdoor advertising tools to communicate with their target customers all the while affecting their buying behavior. Majority of brand owners at present prefer OOH media to reach out to their customers. What is the magic of this mode of advertising? Why more and more brand owners are investing in this promotion tool? Considering these few questions, the following observations are analyzed. Take a look.


Modern tool for modern advertising- It is a well noted fact that OOH Advertising tools are the most upto date ones. Earlier, outdoor advertising tools were limited to few such as billboard ads, poster ads, lamp kiosks etc. However, with technological induction, OOH Advertising tools have gone through complete makeover. Digitalized tools of outdoor advertising are in trend. Digital billboards, signages, kiosks, backlit translits, jukeboxes etc. have all emerged as modern tools of OOH advertising.


Creativity and more creativity- One of the reasons that makes an OOH ad striking and attention grasping is the creative input. Creativity makes an outdoor ad stand apart. Be it the design, theme or content of the ad display, creativity alone to lures customers’ attention quickly and effectively.  In fact, every OOH ad campaign assures that the final brand message oozes out oodles of creativity. Given a choice to go through an outstandingly creative brand message, customers naturally prefer an OOH Ad from other advertising modes.


Larger than life impact- A billboard ad, a poster ad, a digital signage ad etc all these provide the brand message in a big, bold and bright manner thereby providing a larger than life impact on customers. Providing the brand message in a king size manner through imperial media is a sure shot to hit customer’s attention.


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