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Preface to Punch Press Stamping Process

by advinrosa

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If you are wondering what Punch press Stamping is and how is it sued extensively then this article is a must read for you as it gives overview on Punch Press Stamping process.

Punch Press Stamping is the process in which the metal alloys are cut and shaped into desired form particularly for being used as constituents of huge machinery structures. You can mould the metal sheets into various pre defined shapes for making regular products such as cans or pans. The most commonly used alloys for metal stamping are Titanium, Steel, Aluminum, Zinc and Nickel. Punch Press Stamping is highly productive and cost effective in the way that it is possible to produce various kinds of metal products on a large scale.

During Punch Press Stamping the metal sheets will be placed in a press tool or a die which has a designed cavity which will give the metal sheet the desired shape you want. The upper end of the die is attached to a press slide that lowers the component to the press bed. There is a component named punch which wills the push the metal sheet through the die and carry out the shaping operation. After this the metal will plated with tin, gold, nickel or palladium so as to avoid corrosion of the metal.

Plating the metal will ensure that the solder able nature of the product increases and as well adds to its wearability. At times the metal sheet is actually pre plated prior to the stamping process an after that the product will be cleaned for removing additional metal stamping films and oils. The product will after that be passed through heat so as to make it stronger because it is going to be in the soft state even after it is stamped. In order to get rid of the sharp corners the product should be subjected to debarring process which is carried out with the help of abrasives or chemicals. Punch Press Stamping as well consists of several other metal working processes such as Blanking, Piercing, Drawing and forming on the same Punch Press Stamp Machines. Punch Press Stamp machines have the required level of speed, precision and force for crafting the metal into a desired shape.

In general there are 2 different types of Metal Stamping Presses namely the Hydraulic one and the Mechanical one. You can buy one based on your requirement for the range of capacity, operating speed, size, stroke lengths and various other factors. Metal Stamping has gained huge importance over other forming processes because of its low cost and high efficiency. The cost of various other secondary processes such as plating and cleaning are as well reduced to a great extent.

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