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Egypt travel packages: 5 Things to do and see in Aswan

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Under Egypt travel packages, one can explore various cities of the country including Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Aswan is growing as a popular tourist spot and has been getting good number of footfalls in the last few years. It is, after all, a perfectly tailored destination that offers a healthy amalgamation of attractions, landmarks, history and sports. Even the food and culture at this place will leave a dent in the heart.

So, if you find yourself in Aswan, here are the things you must see and do:

  1. Aswan High Dam: Aswan High Dam is counted amongst the top Egypt tourist attractions. Built in 1960 in order to establish some control over the flood-prone Nile, this dam is huge and is vital to the country’s development. Over the years, it has become reputed as a tourist spot and draws almost all the travelers visiting this city. It is situated over Lake Nasser which is also quite picturesque.
  2. Enjoying a ride on camel: Camel is the marquee player of the country and has an instant connect with the desert landscape of Egypt. So, it would be very unmindful of you to bereave your kids and spouse of the thrills of a camel ride. Aswan has some good tourist spots where one can easily hail a camel for a nominal charge. The ride usually lasts for around 10 minutes.
  3. Visit the Nubian villages: Aswan houses the Nubians who are ethnic tribal groups that reside in this part of the world. There are some lovely Nubian villages which have kept the charm of the old world alive. So, if you are wearied of the modern day cacophony and glamour and are looking for a fresh escape into the quaintness of the bygone era, then you should plan a trip to these villages. Most Egypt travel packages arrange for tours to some of these quiet hamlets. They do have a lasting impression on the mind. 
  4. Exploring the Unfinished Obelisk: The site of Unfinished Obelisk is one of the biggest tourist spots in Aswan. This place gives you a glimpse into the country’s history and the archeology which dominated the region. You must be aware that the pyramids and many other landmarks were built in the past thanks to the thriving stone craft industry in the country. This place would be a perfect vignette to look back at some of those ruinous creations and leftovers of ancient man.
  5. Sniffing greenery at Kitchener’s Island: For the lovers of nature, Aswan’s Kitchener’s Island is one of the best Egypt tourist attractions. It is the region’s Botanical Garden and has an interesting collection of fauna. The flowers which are grown here have origins from various parts of the world including India. This green zone is a great spot for having a picnic and one can always learn a bit or two about our verdant friends.

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