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Top Three Web Parts from Agiline You Must Checkout

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The fact that the inclusion of SharePoint Web Parts to any website makes the addition of new functionality, simple and easy is a well-accepted truth of today. These plug-n-play controls add new functionality to a site page in a jiffy, simply through a click of a button. Due to this simplicity, SharePoint web parts are much popular among the web community.

There is wide variety of web parts available out there in the market today. However, the five web parts listed in this article have great utility factor and are very easy to include in any page and use.

Dynamic Tabs Web Part

This Web Part offers better visual representation of the list data. The web part fetches the data from the custom list and dynamically creates the tabs for displaying the data fetched. It is the visual appeal of this web part, which makes it special. With the tab representation of the data the users can easily browse through the varied list items at a glance. They can also easily identify the topic of their interest in the tab representation, and can refer to the details of the tab that they choose.

Moreover, user can go through each tab’s content, without any post back, unlike in the SharePoint list. Result? Better performing and fast data representation. The additions to the parent list are dynamically included in a new tab, on the next page refresh. This web part is designed for use with SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise versions.

Multi Calendar Web Part

Agiline's Multi Calendar Web Part is a special purpose web part that displays the schedules of all the events and meetings. The web part is designed to fetch the event/meeting schedule from five different Calendar Lists at the same time, and can display it on a compact widget style calendar. Users can configure the settings for the calendar source, through the Calendar List URL and Calendar Name. The web part can also be styled in different color scheme with the CSS.

The web part is compatible with SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise versions. This user friendly web part comes with a simple interface, which encourages users to create new calendar events with ease.

Vertical Accordion Web Part

Vertical Accordion Web Part is designed and developed by Agiline. This is a very special web part, which presents the list data in a vertical tabbed format. The visual representation of the list data in a vertical tab format provides better visual appeal, along with easy readability.

The Vertical Accordion reads data from a custom list and displays it in the tab format. The description of a particular tab can easily be read by clicking the tab title. Users can also select the list items that need to be displayed. By checking/unchecking the 'Show' checkbox, one can decide on the list items to be displayed on the web part. The display order of the list items can also be altered by setting appropriate value in the 'Display Order' field of the list item. The web part works with SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise versions.


Agiline, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner has mastered varied dimensions of Microsoft Technologies is now involved in designs and development of feature rich web parts, with completely customizable parameters. These web parts best meet the individual business needs. Agiline offers a wide range of innovative SharePoint Web Parts that add value to business. Some of these web parts are absolutely free, and one can opt to use these web parts on a trial basis for witnessing their benefits, and the value they add to the SharePoint environments.

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