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China Online Retailing Market

by anonymous

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Online retailing has recently become the fastest growing channel within the retail market in China. Because it is growing so fast, with so many new entrants coming into the market all the time, it is still in a highly dynamic stage of development and will continue to see a great deal of new innovation as companies attempt to build a lasting presence in the market.

Some questions answered in this report include:

How did the rapid growth of online retailing surprise the retailers?
How can online retailers compete in the retail market?
Are current payment systems and delivery sufficient enough to keep up with demand?
How are online retailers utilising consumers' mobile access?

Key chapters of the report :



Figure 1: Total China Online Retailing market value and forecast, 2007-17

Figure 2: China leading B2C online retail company market share, by value (%), 2010-12

Figure 3: Online shopping habits, February 2013
Figure 4: Consumer attitudes towards online shopping, February 2013

Rapid growth of online retailing has surprised even the retailers
Figure 5: Products bought via online channels in the last 12 months, February 2013
Competition between the leading e-commerce sites
Figure 6: Leading online retailers that consumers have bought from in the last 12 months, February 2013
Payment systems and delivery running to catch up
Figure 7: Delivery methods used when shopping online for food and non-food products in the last 12 months, February 2013
Online retail shifts quickly to mobile access
Figure 8: Products bought via mobile online channels in the last 12 months, February 2013

Key points
The rapid emergence of online retail
Figure 9: Total China online retail market value and forecast, 2007-17
Figure 10: Total China number of online retail purchasers and forecast, 2007-17
Figure 11: Total online users, purchasers and per capita spending, 2007-12
The market is still dominated by C2C, but B2C is growing fast
Figure 12: China e-commerce market value split, by C2C and B2C, 2007-12
Figure 13: Total B2C online retail market breakdown, by broad product sectors, by value, 2010-12
Figure 14: Percentage of online shoppers who have made purchases, by sector, 2010 and 2011
TV shopping faces image problems
Group buying emerges as a significant consumer trend
Figure 15: Total number of group buying online purchasers and % of total online purchasers, 2010-12
Figure 16: Percentage of online group purchasers shopping, by sector, 2011
Online retail innovations

Key points
Online retailers increasingly competing across sectors
Figure 17: China leading B2C online retail company market share, by value (%), 2010-12
Figure 18: Leading e-commerce sites, ranked by number of users, H1 2011-H1 2012
Online fashion retailers
Figure 19: Online apparel retailing total market value and % of total apparel retail market in China, 2008-12
Figure 20: Leading apparel e-commerce sites, ranked by number of users, 2011
Figure 21: Major reasons for online purchasers to choose online apparel retail sites, December 2011
Figure 22: Vipshop IPO prospectus financial results, 2009-12
Department stores
Figure 23: Frequency of consumers browsing online department stores, December 2012
Figure 24: Frequency of consumers buying at online department stores, December 2012
Online supermarkets
Online convenience stores
Figure 25: Consumer attitudes towards convenience stores home delivery, October 2012
Online pharmacies
New online retail market entrants
Mergers, acquisitions and alliances
Market departures

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