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Upcoming Calendar App for iPhone Users

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If you are able to schedule things and organize it well in the calendar of your Smartphone then it will truly be able to serve its purpose. it is chaotic to schedule meetings in the calendar contacts directly to the recipients and complicated too. What if all this is possible by just a touch or by minimalistic process? Additionally, answering via text message on your late arrival to a contact would be amazing too. All this is possible with Tempo Smart Calendar available for iPhone users.

What is it about?

Tempo is all about adding intelligent features to your already smart iPhone. It is more like giving that extra push to perform other functions in a better way. However, it is still a work in progress but you will still enjoy the simplistic style with which it organizes and schedules things on your behalf without having to manually perform each function. Let us find out more about it.

What Does this app do?

On the initial download and installing this app you will be greeted with a walk-though tutorial that will help you with getting familiar with this app. You will be easily able to figure out how to use this app and how it works. During the phase of set up, the app will be connected to your calendar and along with your existing e-mail accounts. However, in the initial phase of this app you can only add two accounts.

Tempo is designed to collect information from your social media network accounts. Your accounts on social media like LinkedIn and Facebook  will be directly connected via this app to collect information, this also includes your iPhone address book. This becomes essential in performing functionality related to appointments and making calendar schedules. For example if you have a title that says: drop John and Sarah to the airport, then the app will fetch all the contact details of these two people. This way the details of these two people will be made available to you in one place so that you can immediately access it. if you are running late then you can immediately text them that you are going to be a bit late without having to first search the contact and then compose a text message.

You will also be surprised by the ability of this app to give you directions. Looking up for the information in your calendar the details will be displayed along with the route map of the place. Additionally, you will be able to fetch details related to a business or event along with the phone number and even website.

Other functions of Tempo include editing the time of a given event along with making changes in the start and stop time. You can add or delete attendees of an event or a meeting. All this is possible by program and the schedule of the meeting to edit changes.


In conclusion the Tempo app is capable of large collaboration related to contacts, e-mail, details and much more. You are allowed to directly fetch the information of a schedule, event and the contacts in one place. Additionally, the app is available for free.

On the downside of this app you will find that initially to install this app you will need to be in the waiting list that might take time. Another irksome feature might seem to be with the basic functionality that are not supported yet. You will be limited with the functionality by adding only two e-mail accounts to Tempo.

If you do not have the patience to be in the waiting list of the Tempo Smart Calendar then it is better that you choose another app over it. you might want to download the easily available app called EasilyDo. It is similar to Tempo with less limitations and added functionality that does seem to be appealing.


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