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Buy crystal balls and unlock your psychic potential

by JimmyZhang

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Crystal balls are some the most beautiful yet mysterious artifacts that have been used since antiquity. The crystal ball is easily the most widely used psychic tool all over the world. It is usually made from clear glass; some people prefer it as a clear quartz ball although this is incredibly expensive. The purpose of the glass is to act a lens to focus and imprint either one's subconscious mind or events yet to occur (the future) onto the surface of the ball. Being spiritual beings, crystal balls tap into our psychic centers. All of us are capable of developing our psychic sights and so if you have been trying without much success do not give up just yet; after you buy crystal balls all it takes is practice and patience.


Once you buy crystal balls the very first step you should take is to cleanse them. A great way to do this is to hold a crystal ball under running water and visualize all the negative energy going down the drain. Under no circumstances should you soak the crystal ball in salty water as this will leave a salty film on its surface. Other common cleansing ways include burying crystal balls in earth for a few hours or sprinkling holy water on the crystal balls. In all these different cleansing ways the aim is to have all the negativity drawn away and dissipating in the smoke, water, or even earth, depending on which particular means you choose.


To use a crystal ball effectively it is important for one to be comfortable and relaxed. Dim the lights to avoid any distracting reflections on the crystal ball. The recommended distance from the crystal ball is one foot away but people can adjust this according to their eyesight; the point is to be able to see the crystal ball clearly. Look keenly into the crystal ball for about fifteen minutes. During this period of time it is likely that nothing special will happen besides the crystal ball moving in and out of focus. However, with subsequent sessions other effects will become noticeable. You might be able to see a kind of fog covering the crystal ball like a cloud and in this colors and lights may flicker. This will mark the beginning of your psychic abilities showing themselves. Follow these steps every single time you want to do psychic reading and you will surely feel glad that your decision to buy crystal balls was not in vain.


To stay attuned with your crystal ball place it on your night table or within reach whenever you sleep. This way the subconscious mind and the natural relaxed rhythm of your energy will interact with that of the crystal ball. It may take some time before you see anything because your crystal ball and you have to get attuned to each other. There are also many other ways of using a crystal ball – remember that patience is the virtue you need in whatever you need to learn.


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