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My Favorite Parts in Wedding Celebrations

by digitalAV

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As a kid, I always wonder how will my wedding be like, or if I will ever get married. Since I’m part of a big family, I attended tons of weddings from my cousins to my uncles, to my parents friends and neighbors. I also ask myself if I will have the same celebration or will these people attend in mine too.

Here I list my most favorite parts of any wedding celebration.


Wedding Reception


After the union of couples the Church, it’s obvious that it won’t be called a “wedding” if there’s no celebration afterwards. There, we witness how the lovers send their gratitude to all the people who became part of this event of a lifetime.


The toast to a new life


There goes the speech of some people who have become the part of their life and the “toast to life” – drinking wine, if I’m not mistaken. And the party begins.


Wedding Theme


In the entire reception, we see the themed decorations to make the venue more attractive and memorable. From flowers to table cloths including organza sashes on every chair cover. Not to mentioned the souvenirs for each guest.


Bouquet Toss


And the wedding reception ends, without the bride throwing her bouquet of flowers to the visitors, relatives or friends who are not yet married. Everyone is thrilled to get the flowers and the lucky guy will put the garter to the lucky girl’s legs.


I don’t know if I’m going to get married in the future. But if I do, and if we’ll have a reception, I’ll make sure it would be memorable not only for my partner but also for our guests. Although I have no clear “theme” on my mind yet, I will make sure that it would be as successful and organized as planned.


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