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How the internet is turning on tables

by edwardfery

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I was watching the news today (on internet), when suddenly the wire tripped off. First, the screen turned off, and then the whole light went out. After 5 minutes, the light was back. However, to my surprise, internet was not working. I waited for some time, so that the internet might start working again but no avail. There was some bigger problem behind.

I called my service provider to get a clarification about the incident; he told me that the main cable got punctured inside the sea due to some nasty sea divers. He added that the wire would take at least 12 hours to be repaired. Well, in the meantime there was nothing else to do except to use internet through my mobile device. But, oh heck! Internet on mobile is charging a lot of the mobile company. Therefore, I skipped that thought and started watching a Hollywood film.

While watching the film, I was thinking that how internet has changed the overall scenario of the world. A few years back, we did not know what was happening on the corner of the street unless we went and find out. But today, we are capable of finding the information of another corner of the world.

It’s not just about the information now, though in the beginning it all started with information exchange. Now, almost everything in the world is done using this mobile service. Take your bank account, your email account, the cloud drives you use, music, movies, news, games and almost everything (as I said earlier) are used through the internet.

In the beginning, this system was built by the military for its own purpose but with the intervention of universities in between, the internet has become the next big thing in the world.

Even in journalism, media was placed in two types before 2006. Now, there are three types of media available, the print media, electronic media and the online media.

The internet has also made other things very easy as well. Like security, social utility and much more. A good point is that when internet was not available, in areas where some calamity had stroked, people were not able to contact their relatives. Well, now with the internet they can just post an update on their account using wireless service.

After the Boston marathon attacks, the journalists they're advised to use internet applications or message services to reach out to the loved ones rather than using the main call service.

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