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Let the Professionals help you with a Tenant or Renter check

by thecreditbureau

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The best way to take the risk out to renting is to screen your tenants beforehand.  One way to do this is to perform a rentercheck on your potential tenant.  Some companies offer a detailed report and history of your tenant’s background to help you feel more secure with your rental decision.

Why are tenant checks so highly recommended?  Firstly, you want tobe able to trust someone to look after your property.  You have invested time and money in a property and presumably want a reliable tenant to pay you the full amount on time, especially if you are still paying the mortgage.

A renter check is especially important for property owners who are renting out larger properties for business use, to other companies for example.  These types of checks can be performed on corporations as well as individuals, and are highly recommended to ensure you rent to the right person.

Potential tenants don’t often offer incriminating information about themselves.  This is why background checks are so important.  With these checks you can check if they have a criminal background, credit reports, education and employment verifications, public records, as well as find assets.

There are many ways to find assets of potential tenants besides bank records.  Many public record sources are available to get the information you need on someone who you are trusting with your property. You want to be sure they will be able to pay the rent and would be a trustworthy tenant.

A few examples of different ways to find assets include property, motor vehicle registration or corporate filings.  By obtaining this kind of information you can find out how much a person has invested in properties, what kind of car they are currently driving, or if they have ownership in a corporation.

If you’re a landlord renting out property, you will want to do a tenant check on the person who will be living there and paying you monthly cheques.  Any landlord will want a reasonable and reliable tenant, and for peace of mind it’s a good idea to check out your potential renter before signing the contract.

It can be quite time consuming to file for all these tenant checks individually.  There are tenant screening companies who have access to multiple data sources and can help you with all these reports, as well as analyse them in depth for you, helping you make the right decision about a potential tenant.

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