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What is the importance of website reviews to your business?

by authorityreviews

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Online marketers and search engine optimization specialists all recommend having a reviews section in a retail website. However, not many website owners take heed of this advice - you can tell this by looking at a number of retail websites. Few have a portion where customers can post reviews but even they don't seem to take the reviews section seriously. The importance of website reviews is certainly yet sunk into many website owners heads and as long as they don't take the matter seriously, they continue losing opportunities to make sales and enlist more customers.


Does your retail website have a section where users can check website reviews? If it doesn't then you are really losing a lot. First of all, you are losing customers. Before ordering anything on your website or signing up for whatever you are asking them to sign up for, most people will typically check website reviews. They want to see what other users have to say about your website, your company, and your products. People lose confidence in a website if there are no reviews from other people - there is nothing to support all your claims about quality products and quality service. In fact, people will even wonder whether your business is real because there seems to be no other customers who've bought anything from your website.


Many people check website reviews to compare products and services across different websites. Customer reviews can act as free marketing for your website. People will be more inclined to do business with you if your past customers have written very good reviews about your business. The reverse is also true - people will shun your website if you have unfavorable reviews. Of course you can pull down all unfavorable reviews before people check website reviews but you will be doing yourself a great disservice. Rather than remove reviews you don't like, its better to get to the root of customers' disgruntlement and address it. Once you have sorted out the matter, a happy customer will certainly make a follow up review mentioning how you dealt with earlier grievances. Nonetheless, you will occasionally find a few reviews bordering on malice and these have to be removed.


If you don't have a section where people can check website reviews in your website you are also losing an opportunity to get customer feedback. How will you ever improve your services if dissatisfied users of your website don't have a way of sharing their thoughts? It's not until customers speak their minds that you will know what they think about your website.



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