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Fun Things to Do at the Houston Space Center in Texas

by williams12

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As one of the most prominent American states, Texas is a great place to visit while on your vacation. For example, Houston Charter Bus tours will offer you a unique opportunity to visit the Houston Space Center; an Arlington trip will take you to one of the best theme parks in the country, called Six Flags; a visit to San Antonio will take you on a long walk along the famous Riverwalk, and so forth. Therefore, if you are planning on visiting Texas, there will be no shortages of places to visit, and things to see and do. However, you should know that you have to plan your trip in advance, as it is not possible to visit all the interesting sites the great state of Texas has to offer at once. When planning this trip, leave at least a day for visiting the Houston Space Center, as this will be one of the most thrilling and exciting things you have done in your life.

What Is There to Do at the Houston Space Center?

One of the best things about the Houston Space Center is the fact that this facility offers a lot of different points of interest, and among these points of interest there are activities and interesting things to see for the whole family. This is exactly why this facility is so popular with people of all ages, as literally everybody will find something interesting to see and something fun to do at the Houston Space Center. So, if you are planning to go on a Houston Charter Bus trip with your kids, do not fret – both you and your kids will have a great time here, and the memories you create at the center will last you a lifetime.

The Houston Space Center Attractions

Here are some of the most interesting things you can do and see when visiting the Houston Space Center:


  • The Blast Off Theater – Here, you can see for yourself what a launch into space looks like. What’s more, you can hear live mission briefings from flights that are taking place at the moment, which is something truly unique.
  • The Astronaut Gallery – This is a gallery that exhibits space suits worn by astronauts into outer space, and you can also see portraits of all American astronauts who have been to outer space.
  • Starship Gallery – Another very interesting gallery that will be fascinating for both kids and adults. Here, you can see Moon rocks, a Skylab mockup, various space artifacts, and much more interesting space-related stuff.
  • Martian Matrix – If your kids want to have some real fun, take them to the Martian Matrix, a play area for kids.
  • The Feel of Space – This is a unique, interactive exhibit of what life is like for astronauts when they are living in a space station. The microgravity environment is a difficult environment to function in, and you can even volunteer to try this out.

The Houston Space Center is a definite must-see in this Texan city, and you should know that visiting the center will be one of the best decisions you have made in your life.

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