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Get to know your most fertile time with ovulation calculator

by havinhawk321

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Are you one of those who wonder how the doctors and elderly women help in providing one with estimated information about due date and age of the unborn baby in the womb? Well, there is nothing too hard or calculative in it. All you need is, just to remember about duration of your cycle and starting and ending day for your last period. However, it is even more important to understand why you need these dates and what do the related terminologies actually mean.

What is Conception?

Conception is a medical term that refers to the moment when the male sperm fertilize a woman’s egg. The conception date may or may not be same as the intercourse date. This is because after the intercourse when the sperm enters the female body, it is not always that the sperm will fertilize at that instant. The sperm can fertilize anytime until it is active. The life span of a sperm is 3 days. Medically, there is no way to find the exact conception date if you are ovulating naturally. However, in case of artificial insemination and IVF, one can know the exact conception date.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is a part of female menstrual cycle, when a mature follicle in ovary discharges an egg. During this process, the egg moves down the fallopian tube to meet a sperm and is fertilize. The process of ovulation occurs between 10th and the 19th day from the last day of the recently incurred period.

Determine Your Ovulation Date

Women who do not have 28 days cycle cannot ovulate for 14 days after the first day of the recent period. If your cycle is longer than 28 days then calculate the 14th day after your recent period’s first day, keep on adding 1 day for each day your cycle extends than 28 days. Example – If you have a 31 days cycle then add 3 days to 14, i.e. you can ovulate 17 days after the last day of your recent period.

For women who have a cycle less than 28 days, take an estimation of 14 days, subtract one day from it, for each day your cycle shorted. For example, if you have a cycle of 26 days, then you can ovulate 12 days after the last day of your period.

What is a conception calculator?

In case you still have doubts and are not sure on how to calculate the ovulation period, then go for an ovulation calculator. Yes, you hear it right! There are various tools and software  available online that help in calculating the most fertile time for you. Also known as conception calculator, these calculators ask for certain fields. These fields are total cycle since the last period, first day and last day of the recently incurred period.

Although it seems easy and convenient to find the right conception time with in a play of clicks, the due dates given by this due date calculator is just a rough estimation. It may provide an idea but cannot give the exact date.


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