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Why you should inspect CharlestonSChouses before buying them

by NatWallen

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A house is perhaps the biggest financial asset for many Americans. It's therefore important to exercise a lot care in the process of buying a home. Finding houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina is not difficult at all. You will find plenty of houses for sale just by looking at newspaper ads, the internet, or by talking to local realtors. Before you buy a house you are advised to do a proper inspection of the property. House inspection is a very important step in the home buying process. If you don't inspect Charleston SC houses properly you risk spending a lot of money on a defective property that will cost you a lot of money to fix.


Owners of houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina are expected to disclose any problems within their houses. Nonetheless, relying on self-disclosure would be naïve indeed since sellers can't be expected to be entirely candid. Sellers always try to hide or diminish any problems in their properties and so you just can't rely on whatever they tell you. You need to check over the place or hire a licensed home inspector to help you out. People always ask about when best they should inspect houses for sale- is it before or after making an offer? It's better to desist from making any offers until you've had a chance to at least look at the houses on sale. You don't want to start negotiating with a home seller before you are satisfied with the condition of the house. You can ask the home seller to let you do a pre-inspection of the house before you start negotiations.


What then should you look at in houses for sale? There is a lot to look for in a house you wish to buy. The bottom line is that you want to avoid buying a house that will require expensive renovations later. Various houses will not be without minor problems here and there such as broken window panes, missing door handles, and the likes. These should be noted down and the cost of fixing them deducted from the price. If however a house has major problems like rotten plumbing, you should seriously reconsider buying it even if it's going for a bargain.


Start by inspecting the exterior of a house when you approach houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina. How do the surroundings look? Is the lawn well kept and are the garden plants well looked after? What about the veranda, patio, the roof and the walls? Are the windows intact? The outward appearance of a house speaks volumes about its owner and what you will find inside. If you are not pleased with what you see then perhaps you shouldn't even bother looking inside.


In case you are pleased with the outward appearance of the house then you can now look inside. Remember to carry a checklist of all the important things you should be looking at on your tour of Charleston SC houses so that you don't leave out important details. Pay particular attention to the wiring, plumbing, fixtures, insulations and vents. Red flags to watch out for include cracked walls, rusty pipes and taps, uneven floors, discolored ceilings, missing sockets, and any other thing that unsettles you.

You can also bring a professional inspector to give it a clean bill of health and catch anything you may have missed before you sign the final agreement.



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