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9 Popular and Free iPhone Games You Should Try

by anonymous

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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that iPhone or rather Apple’s app market has given much needed boost to the gaming industry. Although, games have always been popular with devices like Nintendo and PlayStation but iPhone application development has created games for everyone. Whether it is a toddler, teenager or elderly, there is some type of game for virtually every type of player.

Furthermore, people are coming up with all kind of interactive ideas and if you want some of the games for free, we have a small list for you.

1. Flood-It!2

If you like puzzles, then this free game offers simple layout and tonnes of fun. The developers have kept its concept to simple but it is quite challenging too at the same time. Simply tap in the colours to flood your screen.

2. Dropship

Initially, it was a paid game but now it’s available for free and is actually one of the better games. This arcade game is based on gravity shooting along with some several enhancements. Make some allies and take over the enemies with all your energy.

3. Dr. Awesome Plus

We agree that it is a bit frustrating to sign up for the game at first but once you get past that, it is addicting. It is the world of viruses and infections but you can deal with all that by tilting screen. iPhone application development is spot on for this game especially the device compatibility.

4. Sol Free Solitaire

If you are a more of cards lover, what better can be than solitaire in the handheld device? This standalone game has clean graphics and smooth response. The controls are also intuitive and offer excellent user experience.

5. Real Racing GTi

Bring the fun of racing from computers to you iPhone. There are three modes in total with cup championship, quick race and time trial. Cars can be controlled magnificently and there is absolutely no lag. Some solid iPhone application development has been done by the company.

6. MazaFinger Plus

Unfortunately, this game also asks you to sign up first but when you do, all works like magic. You would soon realize the power of finger to complete the maze. Time runs fast and you also have lots of obstacles to handle in this addictive game. With around 200 levels and engaging graphics, it is a must have.

7. Trace

Looking for some silly yet intelligent games? Well that is what you would get in trace. Almost everything in this game seems hand drawn as you progress through the stages trying to beat time-based scores. It is a basic, casual game that you can enjoy almost anywhere.

8. Solomon’s Keep

Supernatural powers are against you in this mysterious game. A lot many things would pop out from here and there but you have to make sure that wizard powers are utilized properly. Plus, you also get an RPG to make most out of the powers.

9. You Cruise By Mazda MX-5

Although this iPhone application development is purely on marketing purposes, still it is fun. Get you sports car and set off to an interesting journey.

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