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A Few Maintenance Tips for the Commercial Grease Traps

by mildsteelgreasetraps

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There are certain things you should remember while using the commercial grease traps. Here are some of the most considered:

You try to avoid the food that consists of fat, oil and grease, including that in food waste out of the drains this can make a lot of difference in the future and can save a lot of pounds in the coming year.

It is very important to check the traps or the interceptors on a regular basis; preferably once a week especially you have a big commercial establishment.

You should never wait for the grease trap to get full; you should clean it before it is full from all kind of waste and greasy materials. It is suggested because it will be easier for you to empty before and to avoid excess of grease being transferred in to the drains or the septic tank.

Everyone should follow the user manual or the recommendations provided by the manufacturer for the proper cleaning of the traps. In case, you broke it you will be the loser. Make sure you store the recovered grease in a separate container so that it will be decomposed in different manner.

You can always go for the professionals, if you don’t want to clean the grease trap yourself. There are a number of professionals in the market who can do your job in the best possible manner.

One should always avoid rinsing the hot pans and pots over the drain and risking many costly plumbing problems and damaging of the commercial grease traps. Always try to throw the scrap cooking oils, fats and greases and butter into empty containers of tin or some type of cans and throw them in to the garbage.

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