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Transfer NSF To Gmail – The Whys And Wherefores

by chrisgayle396

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In this technologically centered arena most of us depend on the usage of email clients as well as web mail services but the complication comes in when comparison of both the services is done. Meanwhile, both are beneficial and useful at their own end but a few things about desktop mail clients are more benefitting than web email services and vice versa which has given rise to such a debate a long time back. In desktop email clients Lotus Notes has consistently been the finest and most dependable clients whereas in web mail services, Gmail is the most preferred name. The following segment gives a complete view over the need to transfer NSF to Gmail contacts along with the kind of solution that would suit such a requirement.

Desktop Mail Client

As far as Lotus Notes email client is concerned, you will find it very much productive and highly accurate on the security end of the data. Meanwhile, the application even has drawbacks associated with it, one of which makes many users convert their contacts into a much easily feasible format. Names.nsf file is created by Lotus Notes which cannot be accessed by any other client or service or application as these files are client specific and can only run on the Notes client.

Web Mail Service

Google’s Gmail is one of the topmost web mail services that offer users with emailing services, storage of contacts, calendar items, documents storage online, etc and other Google applications. You can work with them from any place, any time, and on any system, browser or even devices like Smartphone’s effortlessly unlike desktop email clients.

The Need To Transfer Contacts From Lotus To Gmail

Now, coming over to the need to transfer Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail, contacts are universally known to be one of the most precious possessions of users for either personal or professional need. What is the use of such useful contacts when they cannot be accessed easily regardless of where you are or what system you are using?

Considering the aforementioned need it was observed that Lotus Notes client contacts cannot be accessed anywhere other than the client itself. Nevertheless, you can easily access your Gmail contacts over various platforms accessing any named browser because accessing Gmail account simply requires internet connectivity and not a particular email client set up installation.

In fact, presently people are actively participating in the usage of Smartphone’s which can easily run web browsers and web based email services flawlessly. This also includes Gmail which makes it feasible for users to use their names.nsf contacts anywhere they are once they( Export Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail.

In order to transfer contacts from Lotus to Gmail using an external transfer NSF to Gmail software application would preferably be a better choice than any other way out like the Lotus Notes Contact to Gmail converter Software.

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