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Employment in Africa


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People typically think of majestic wildlife and natural beauty when they think of Africa. Although those things are still there, it might be time to add growth and opportunity to that list. Jobs in Africa are currently in a major upward swing. Africa has always held a large percentage of the world's natural resources; now that they are being taken through mutually benificial business acquisitions rather than wars, there are huge opportunities to be had throughout the continent. From oil roughneck to business lawyer, and every sort of employment in between, there is plenty of opportunity to go around in Africa.

What Kind Of Jobs

The western model of corporations are flocking to Africa, and they are bringing their support staffs along. Although resource extraction brings to mind images of old west roughnecks, modern Africa requires accountants, electricians, lawyers and support staff as well. Carpenters will be required to build housing, and HVAC technicians to make it comfortable. Specialists in logistics will be needed to keep the area well stocked, and high quality chefs will be needed to turn those stocks to dinner. Just because it is so exotic does not mean Africa does not need the the same skills found in Europe or North America. Any experience gained at a job in a more traditional locale can be transferred to a higher paying job in Africa.

Why Work In Africa

Jobs in Africa have the same qualifications requirements and responsibilities as a similar job found anywhere else on Earth, except with far fewer qualified applicants. As wealth flows in to African nations through their business dealings, schools will expand and improve and qualified workers for African jobs will be found on site. For now however, that is not the case. This abundance of demand for skilled labor combined with a lack of supply is creating huge financial opportunities for any job seeker with the courage to try something new. Besides earning more money than workers at the same jobs elsewhere, the experience looks great on a résumé. It says that worker will go wherever and do whatever to make their company a success. Beyond the merely financial benefits, working in Africa provides the kind of life experiences that are hard to quantify. Workers will be able to tell stories to their friends and family that will bring a lifetime of shared smiles.

Opportunities in Africa are exploding in volume right now. Any potential employee who wants above average material benefits, and the kind of life experiences that can only be found in Africa, should strongly consider the opportunity. Moving to a new continent is not without it's hardships, but nothing worthwhile is ever without challenge.


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