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Central Heating Systems – Which is the Right System for You?

by alfredferguson

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Heating is essential in winter to provide a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, so your central heating system needs to be reliable. Well-installed central heating systems allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in houses and business premises. Nowadays, thousands of people would consider central heating system installation, which only a professional can do. There are many different types of central heating systems available for the purposes of heating the building and providing hot water to entire buildings.


Central heating system is one of the most convenient ways for most people. This is the perfect way to provide heat to all the Interior of a building or a portion of a building to various other rooms. Central Heating System is one of the most safe, easy to use and long lasting way.


  • Steam Boilers most commonly used heating system that people use in their homes. It requires the conventional method of producing heat such as oil or gas. This is the most cost-effective form of heating for any building.
  • Water circulation is a one of the common type of central heating units. In the water circulation, the water is heated in a place and this hot water is carried through pumps all throughout the building using wall panels.
  • Active solar heating system produces warmth through glass panels that are used to capture the solar energy.  Warm air and hot water are finally distributed through the ventilation system using fans in a building.
  • An electric resistance heating system is also a common central heating system. Electric resistance heating system produces warmth while plugged in the electric supply of a household.
  • Gravity fed central heating system is also used to warm up the water stored in a tank. Hot water is provided through the radiators for the purpose of central heating in a building.

All these types of central heating systems have advantages and disadvantages. But the major advantage, which can come from these central heating systems is that they can proficiently heat to a house and business premise from a single source. The installation cost of each system will also differ, so you will also want to get estimates from a heating specialist before you choose a system for your building.

So contact qualified and reputable central heating repairs and installation company for advice, which system is efficient and cost effective for your needs.


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Alfred Ferguson is a professional writer, recently he has written several articles for Gas-24hr, an independent gas and plumbing company, offering  a wide range of gas services, central heating systems, gas repair and central heating repairs in UK. 

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