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Sterling Silver Jewelry For Various Occasions

by ashalemari

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Man has been using Sterling silver jewelry such as silver rings, pendants, bracelets for various purposes since earliest civilizations. Silver, is of the oldest known metals to man & has been in existence since time immemorial.With the advancement in know-how, complex & advanced methods of jewelry designing have been used to carve intricate jewelry out of silver. Yet, major concern among the manufacturers, buyers & sellers of silver jewelry is that it corrodes basically if not taken proper care of.Silver can get basically tarnished if it comes in to contact with any substance that contains hydrogen sulfide. Some of the common substances found at home that contain sulfide include doormats, rubber bands, wool & latex gloves. It's also been observed that silver jewelry or silverware corrodes basically in places where coal is used as a fuel. The prime reason for this occurrence can yet again be attributed to the presence of high content of sulfur in coal.

Reason for corrosion

Corrosion or tarnishing of silver can primarily be characterized basically when it starts losing its gleam & its color gradually changes from bright silver to give a yellowish tint until it finally turns to various shades of grey or even black in some cases. Other various factors which contribute to tarnishing of silver include weather changes, comparatively high levels of humidity in the atmosphere. Definite edible items like eggs & oil present in the kitchen when in contact with silver utensils may also speed up the corrosion method.

Methods to prevent corrosion

Various methods have been devised by scientists to mitigate the damages done to a definite piece of silverware or Silver jewelry by various methods. Definite handmade cures are often advised to remove little amounts of corrosion from jewelry while it is advised to seek professional help from a jeweler when dealing with intricate pieces of jewelry or when the extent of destroy caused by corrosion is  high.Some of the general methods prescribed to remove tarnish from pieces of jewelry like silver chains, pendants & silver rings include immersing silver in chemical dips, plating the jewelry with other metals like rhodium or copper which form a protective layer over it, stocking up silverware with silica granules as they are known to absorb any excess levels of humidity present in the atmosphere.

Popularity of corroded jewelry

Yet another contradictory stance to the methods being devised to restrain one's silver chains from being corroded is that tarnished Silver bracelets is thought about a anger nowadays among the jewelry specialists. Jewelry manufacturers intentionally tarnish silver in order to carve out jewelry items out of it which may give it a rustic & traditional appeal. Corroded silver chains & silver rings which sports a grayish or dark yellowish tint in it is often used by expert craftsmen to shape enchanting pieces of silver jewelry from it, which smacks of traditional & artistic elements. The methods used to corrode silver are the exact same as they are to prevent it from corroding, the only difference being that they are exercised in the reverse manner. Hence, no matter what type of silver jewelry may select to opt for- corroded or glazed, the trend for silver jewelry seems virtually never-ending!

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