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Natural Ways to Reduce Blood pressure

by myhealthy

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Blood pressure is considered as a kind of slow poison. Patients suffering from this disease, die everyday. In this competitive world we strive hard to get bread and butter, name and fame but never try to mange our thought. As we know our thought is very powerful and can make us or break us.

As we know high blood pressure is a deadly disorder which enters into your body. Once, you are ingrained with a bad thought, you are almost caught by hight blood pressure. The origin of this disease is our bad thought. It generally strikes, when we go through bad emotions and feelings. There are several ways to reduce blood pressurebut the best way is to manage your thought carefully.  

It's been proved that around four in 10 middle aged persons are suffering from this health disorder. In this situation, stress takes place in the heart and blood vessels which causes in heart attacks and strokes.Although, study has revealed that proper lifestyle and right diet can decrease the chances of developing hypertension.

It's a fact that, medications are truly essential while it comes to controlling high blood pressure but you would be glad to know that there are several things to help you with. So, here are several measures to keep the pressure down.

No more salt : Using more salt in your meals is very dangerous. It will cause more blood in the arteries thus raising the volume and pressure. The salt which we use in our meals doesn't harm us more but which is present in cereals, ready-made foods, breads, sauces, etc. So watch your daily salt intake try to avoid all kinds of processed food.

Always keep moving: Taking exercise is the most important activity for hypertension patients. In this way, your heart always remains active and can pump more blood. The suggested time period of exercise is 30 minutes for a high BP patient daily which includes brisk walking, slow breathing etc. If you are comfortable with doing more activities which can help you to reduce blood pressure, that would be great. Although, if you are suffering from high BP, then try to avoid lifting any heavy goods or bojects.

Fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vegetables possess several substances that help you Controlling high blood pressure. It provides us magnesium, fibers and potassium.

include purple fruits in your meals: all purple colored fruits and vegetables helps us to reduce blood pressure. Such as raspberries, blood oranges, blackcurrants, beet-root, blueberries, etc. These things possess anthocyanin which improve nitric oxide output.

Milky coffee: Using soya protein and low fat dairy will work as a good treatment for high blood pressure. If you take coffee regularly after certain interval, then you must limit it. More than four cups of coffee could be harmful for the patient suffering from high blood pressure.

include whole grains in your meals: replace your refined grains with whole grains such as oat as it will reduce blood pressure. Try to use more and more whole meal, brown rice, porridge and bread and whole-wheat pasta.

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