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Get Wide Range of Spectro photometers at Jenway

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Spectro photometers have many great diagnostic and experimental applications in new generation medical, biochemical and research laboratories. As the name suggests, these devices are designed to measure the amount of light absorbed by a medium if a specific if a specific wavelength of light passes through it. What’s more, it has the capacity to calculate specular reflectance. You are able to select from a large range of different spectro photometers from different manufacturers.

This reliable lab equipment is used to perform routine applications such as spectrum scanning, kinetics, multiple component testing, DNA/protein analysis and quantitative examinations competently. The spectro photometer is an economic and reliable device, with many sophisticated features. This lab equipment is designed with automatic blanking and zeroing to get accurate values during experimental procedures including transmittance, absorbance and concentration modes.

The device also incorporates advanced technology and fixtures to adjust with the environment to deliver efficient testing. Medical and biochemical laboratories also benefit from this medical lab equipment. The spectro photometer can help to analyse blood samples by isolating various chemical components from blood or bodily fluids. The device also enables protein separation by utilizing the characteristic feature of colour or wavelength of light.    

Based on the quantity of protein segments from the serum, the colour intensities of the segregated components show variance thereby permitting the separation process. The spectrophotometers help to detect the growth of micro organisms. It allows differentiating biological pigments efficiently to identify the presence of chlorophyll in plant cells. There are different types of spectro photometers, depending on your specific requirements.

You can select a single beam or double beam spectro photometer, depending on your experimental and testing requirements. You can purchase a quality spectro photometer with vibrant wavelength ranging from 335nm to 1000nm. Many common user-friendly characteristics of spectro photometer are automatically blanking and zero functioning, solid state detector for whole range of wavelength, alignment free tungsten halogen lamp, built in filter, adjustable sample compartment and USB data port.

The device is easy to operate and convenient to handle. The built-in metal stopper prevents damage to the wavelength button. What’s more the equipment maintains wavelength precision within the range of +/-2nm. An added feature is the integrated accessory output. A well established and trusted medical supplier can deliver quality products with adequate warranty. What’s more, you can acquire professional maintenance and repair services post sales. Talk with friendly sales representative to get detailed information about the various types of lab equipment such as chemistry analyzer, haematology analyser, incubator and much more. An established dealer will have branded and recertified products offered at affordable prices.

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