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From Acrylic Sheets To Delrin-Coated Zippers: Acetal Resin S

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Maybe the average American doesn’t care about a small buckle or zipper, but they should. It’s the technology behind that zipper or buckle that will bring us a polymer that can be used on both metals and plastics.
It’s called a homopolymer and this acetal resin is known for its stiffness, strength, fuel resistance, low wear and low friction qualities. Why is a homopolymer important? Because motor fans can be coated with this acetal resin and run at higher speeds without getting too hot or experiencing too much friction. Also, it reduces the weight of, say, a window lift motor.

Why Is Delrin Important?

As new applications are discovered, delrin can be used to prolong the overall life of motors which come off of assembly lines. This means products can face fewer engine problems due to motor failures or overheating.
Also, engineers are finding new uses for this homopolymer. Because of its toughness through extreme temperatures, Delrin acrylic sheets are used for making some very common products such as coffee maker spigots, toys, shower heads, watch gears and garden hose sprayers.

Acrylic Sheets Transformed

By taking acrylic sheets, some companies are transforming an acetal resin into remarkable products which are strong and durable in the harshest weather conditions.
This is one reason why Delrin is in such high demand. Though many would not recognize it in its truest form, acrylic sheets, many people can name at least one product produced using this resin.

Zippers Are Not The Only Product Made of Delrin

A zipper is one of the most common recognizable ways we are using this technology in everyday products.  However along with zippers, Delrin is widely used to make a number of other things.  In cars it is used is power windows and door lock systems.  Diabetics using insulin pens will probably be surprised to find that Delrin is used to make these.  Door locks, handles and hinges are also popular items that are made using Delrin. You might not even realise that you are wearing a product made from Delrin as some watch straps are made of this material.
Technology is rolling off assembly lines and Americans might take more notice now, thanks to a zipper!

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