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What to Expect When Visiting a Vancouver Chiropractic Clinic

by gwenknight

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According to present studies, the most popular reason for missing work in the US is back pain. Along with that, staying in a city that experiences heavy rainfall for three out of four seasons can hamper day-to-day activities. One way for Vancouver people to have relief is by going to a chiropractor. Here are what clients should expect throughout a visit to a Vancouver chiropractic clinic.

Spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment is a process that makes use of measured force to straighten joints and recover balance in the musculoskeletal system of the body. This technique to treating disorders is based upon the belief that the body is capable of mending itself without the help of medicines. The manipulation of the joints is a pain-free approach of making the body's conditions effective for healing itself.

First, assessments are generally devoted to going over the patient's health history. During these visits, the doctor of chiropractic performs a physical examination, paying thorough focus on the patient's spine. Lab tests and digital imaging may be done to efficiently diagnose the condition of the patient. Aside from spine adjustment, the chiropractor may suggest corresponding treatments such as electrical stimulation.

Patients are asked to lie face down on a specially-designed, cushioned chiropractic table. During the session, the chiropractor places the patient in specific positions to fix damaged areas. A controlled, sudden force is used on certain joints to push them further than their standard range of motion and put them back in place. This helps the tissues surrounding the joints to regain mobility by relieving the tension caused by inflammation in the area.

Although adjustments are normally pain-free, some people experience some discomfort after treatment. Soreness and hurt may be experienced on parts of the body that were treated. This can be relieved with ice treatment or heat for one to two days after the procedure. Headaches and fatigue are rare side effects as well.

Pain is a symptom that the body has to stop and rest. People should put in the time to pay attention to their bodies and get treatment when needed. For more reliable information on visits to a Vancouver WA chiropractic clinic, head to

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