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Choosing the Right Cold Air Intake

by karimi

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Every vehicle needs increased horsepower and performance. This is achieved by a reduction in temperature in the air flowing to the engine. When cold air intakes are installed, they ensure cool air flows into the engine.  They also balance the air-to-fuel ratio leading to an improvement in gas mileage. The cold air intakes increase the efficiency of engines. Cold air intakes vary for each vehicle model.

  1. There are two types of cold air intake systems. The complete cold air intake and the short ram intake. Short ram intakes are easier to install and are found closer to the engine.  They provide warm airflow. Complete cold air intakes are closer to the ground.  Cold air flows through the intake tube in the complete cold air intakes. Complete cold air intakes may cause relocation of the air box. You can select an air intake between the two depending on what you want for your engine. 
  2. Your budget will determine what air intake you buy. There are different brands of reputable air intake systems. The Volant, AEM, Injen or K&N come at a high cost. Cheaper systems are available but caution has to be taken when purchasing them in terms of location. These cheaper systems may not guarantee money back or an increase in performance.
  3. It’s advisable to shop online for the right intake system for your vehicle. There are available shops online that can customize your intake according to your vehicle’s specifications. They require you to provide them with the vehicle make, year and model. You can also ask questions or discuss issues on some of these sites with mechanics who are always online. The automotive service association for example helps you find local auto shops.
  4. The intake tube size and materials needed are also important factors to consider.  Metal tubes tend to heat up faster than rubber ones. The high end model tubes are also longer and thicker. This makes them run from the wheel well to the engine
  5. The cold air intake kit should also include an air filter. Unlike regular paper filters, this filter lasts longer. Regular paper filters are discarded after 15,000 miles. The filters can effectively gather and hold dirt better than the paper filters since they are pre-oiled.
  6. Climate is another factor that should be considered.  Rainy areas are a major cause of hydrolocking. This is the condition caused by the entry of water into the cold air system. The complete cold air intakes are affected most by hydrolocking hence damaging the engine.
  7. Choose a color of your choice. Cold air intakes are available in different colors like red, silver, polished metal and blue.

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