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The construction technology has been subjected to constant change and development in the last few years. It has nowadays become easier and less time consuming. But there are certain aspects of construction that have remained the same throughout the years. Scaffolding is one such aspect. In fact it is almost impossible to execute a construction job without the help of scaffoldings. Be it a bridge or be it a building, scaffoldings are absolutely necessary in any type of construction job. Scaffolding manufacturers are associated with the manufacturing, distribution and assembly of scaffolding pipes and thus play an important role in the construction industry. 

What is scaffolding 

The mesh of pipes that are built around an under construction structure is called a scaffolding. The main task of scaffolding is to provide support to the structure and also to provide a platform for the construction workers to stand on while working. Scaffoldings are sometimes wrapped in nets or other coverings in order to prevent the spillage of the construction materials over the adjoining area. The size and structure of scaffoldings depend on the nature of their use. If the scaffolding is meant for a large structure it is going to be larger in size and more complicated in design and if it is to be used in a smaller structure it is going to be smaller in shape. 

Materials used

Different types of materials are used in different parts of the world for making scaffoldings. Though today mostly aluminum scaffolding is mainly used in large construction projects, other materials like steel pipes are also often used. However, the main advantage of using aluminum is that it is more resistant to corrosion and thus is less prone to failure. Apart from aluminum and steel, bamboo is also used as a reliable material for scaffolding in large parts of Asia. This is due to the easy availability of bamboos in the region and its strength and rigidity. However, it is necessary to check the quality of the materials from time to time in order to have to desired performance for long. 

Types of scaffolding

There are mainly two types of scaffoldings used in modern construction industry— one is basic scaffolding and the other is specialty scaffolding. The basic scaffolding style is devoid of any intricate design and is made of only pipes. Specialty scaffoldings, provided by scaffolding suppliers, are however designed for special construction purposes and are mainly of two types, putlog scaffold and pump-jack scaffold. A putlog scaffold is mainly used while doing the brick job. The pipes in this type of scaffolds either have a flat end or are fitted with a blade that allows them to be inserted into the brickwork. A pump-jack scaffold is portable and can be carried around the construction site as per requirements.  

As there are many scaffolding manufacturers all over the world, clients should make a purchase of scaffolding materials wisely. It is also possible to order the materials online, but it is always advisable to contact the manufacturer in person and check the authenticity of the materials before making a purchase.

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