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Is Artificial Grass Anywhere Near the Real One?

by jimejonson

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A new trend has been set and that is the growing use of


<a href=""><b>artificial grass</b></a>


for landscaping, soccer, golf, tennis, running tracks and so many other areas. Is this a viable replacement for the real grass? First, take a look at what we’ve gone through so far – a lot of hard work in the form of mowing, edging, feeding, spraying to wipe out pests, etc. And, the aim is to have an attractive lawn throughout the year. All the same, it still looks dirty and disorderly a major part of the year. 

On the other hand, synthetic grass demands little maintenance, looks in order all the time and above all, keeps the cleanliness of your clothes intact. There are many people who swear by the real thing, but with the advancement in technology and a host of advantages, it is only prudent to start following this new trend which has already engulfed many nations worldwide, including the USA, UK, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Peru and Ecuador.

The sales of


<a href=""><b>synthetic grass</b></a>


are on the rise in the United Kingdom and it is now a thriving business in the USA. Although the natural aspect is missing, the synthetic grass compensates it with its toughness, long years of service without wear and tear, a variety of uses, and not to mention the extremely low level of maintenance. Some premium quality artificial turf can even match the look and feel of the real stuff. So, it is definitely a trend worth pursuing.

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