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Sausage and Beyond: Getting to Know the Parts of a Pig

by dionenye

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As a source of meat, all of the pig is good, but some sections sell more than others. Don't think of it as social injustice, think of it as an economic reality. There are only two tenderloins in a pig and ten people are vying for them. There's only so much in it that can produce delicious sausage, and everybody wants that. You cannot ask for a pig to be cut into chops and bacon only--it doesn't work that way.

If you begin from the head of the pig and work your way down, you'll see that each thing is valuable. People who are able to pay the higher prices for the high quality cuts make the rest of the pig more reasonably priced. Normally, when the price of the in-demand cuts rises, prices of less in-demand cuts drop to adjust. Once again, this is not social injustice, simply economics


High-on-the-hog cuts are literally located high up on the hog, at the back. These consist of the tenderloin, sirloin, loin chops, loin roast, and also the Boston Butt. The revenue of these parts is what covers for the piglet that will be grown, its slaughter and the butcher. It is because there are people ready to pay cash for these cuts that pigs make a lot of other excellent meats at a more affordable price.


As it is with high-on-the-hog cuts, middle-of-the-hog cuts are positioned at the center of the pig. These parts are frequently made into really scrumptious meat items with smoking, curing, drying, brining, and other kinds of meat processing. Think prosciutto, bacon, ham, salami, hotdog, and mouth watering sausage. Middle-of-the-hog cuts feature picnic shoulder, belly, ribs, but end, shank end, and side.


The parts defined above are known to most American shoppers, but there's more to a pig. Rural people commonly prepare some parts that urbanites ignore entirely. These consist of the jowl hocks, feet, heart, liver, tongue, head, and brains.

All of the pig is beneficial, in life and beyond. That's why there's such a huge market for it. Know which pork cuts are better for grinding into sausage and processed to produce German, Italian, Chorizo, and Bratwurst by heading to

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