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by rebena

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We all know mainly who are related to web service providing organizations, that a vps web hosting solution is the next big thing for all. Gone those days when people used to think that a Dedicated Server is most important hosting server to get the best result. Then a revolution came in the hosting server industry and people are opting towards a reputed web hosting company to undertake virtual private web hosting solution.


Virtual Private Server in the next procedure of web hosting and it is been seen that these days people are opting towards purchasing a vps hosting server. So, today’s article is completely dedicated to vps web hosting solution facilities. If you are thinking to undertake the vps web hosting server services, then it is your responsibility to know about how many types of vps server are there in the industry.


In totality we have been divided a vps hosting server into 4 different types: This article is mainly based on the different types of virtual private server hosting.


Linux VPS hosting:

We all know that there are two main operating systems we have in the industry. A Linux virtual private server is built on a Linux platform. This kind of hosting provides users the performance. Not only that you also get the complete root access just like a dedicated server. Apart from these, a Linux VPS hosting server fully supports various web features such as PHP, MySQL, POP3 and more.


Windows VPS hosting:

The other most popular operating system is Windows and as you understand that a Windows Virtual hosting server is created on a Windows platform. This also performs and has access levels similar and it matches to a dedicated server. These days, as we know that a vps web hosting solution is getting popular because of the ease of server management. It offers you with complete root access system.


Managed VPS hosting:

Now, the most crazed vps hosting is known as managed VPS hosting services. This service is provided by all reputed web hosting companies. If you doubt, I must say that the web hosting providers is solely responsible for the management of your virtual private server. The work includes server monitoring, installations, upgrades and patches and more.


Unmanaged VPS hosting:

The name unmanaged vps hosting implies there is very little technical assistance from the web hosting company. It is here solely users responsibility to take care of the full server maintenance and administration. In this case the users have to be familiar with the softwares and applications, installations and other processes.


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