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3 Pronged Approach By India Water Industry

by leoturpin61

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Water crisis in India has a number of appearances and manifestations. Drinking water might be in short supply but the condition in the future is further going to get serious. Water pollution in India is of greater concern presently, if the future is to be considered. Water supply for municipal usage is getting decreased over the years. Amidst all these negative statements are people, who are struggling to get sufficient water supply to meet their daily needs. Water shortage in India water scenario is getting graver by the day.

It is now up to a number of organisations to rethink the strategy about India water and come up with plans immediately, which can have a fruitful impact a couple of decades from now. Talks of shortage of water supply and water pollution has been doing the rounds for a few years now. Municipal bodies and government departments are looking at these issues, but not much has been done. Conservation is being thought of and new rules are being made. But the question which probably is on top of everyone’s mind, including the common man and the government, is the future of the India water industry. Some features which can be improved from the perspective of the India water industry are being contemplated, but the success is yet to be predicted.

Role of water companies – Lots of India water companies are coming up for the setting up of wastewater treatment plants. This is one aspect which could impact the India water scenario significantly. It is because the water used in day to day life is not being reused, and that’s why water supply is getting scarce. Most of these waste water goes through drains into the canals and then to the river. By some measures, if the water reuse is possible by getting wastewater treatment, then the issues of water shortage can be curtailed. For this purpose, government needs to be proactive, which hasn’t been the case till now. Private companies are there, which are gradually coming forward for the solutions, but their number is too small to create any significant effect. Many foreign based companies are trying to enter the India water industry, but their cost of treatment plants is going to be much higher, while water quality will also be better.

Metering consumption – Among the different measures which are being thought about by India water companies, towards water supply management, one is that of metering the consumption of water at the municipal level. If people are able to know how much they are using, then there can be a bit of a control. Such measures of managing India water from the user can be a good way to curtail the waste of water. But then, it is not something which is going to increase the pool of resources for water supply. Controlling the consumption is a minuscule of the measures which are required for wastewater treatment and water reuse.

Tapping into India water industry – The market for water conservation is quite huge in India. It is up to the India water companies to take strong measures to tap into the potential. Units for desalination, wastewater treatment, water packaging and distribution can be set up by the companies, and it should be tried to be done at lower costs. This measure will increase the water supply but at lower costs.

Even though, such measures are not money spinners, yet the India water scenario is going to look better by the efforts of government and some entrepreneurs, who want India water industry to look up in the future. Conjoined efforts from various sources are the call of the time and answering the call by the responsible people is necessary.

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